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District 13 Coaches’ Boys & Girls All-Star Basketball Team

Published 11:10pm Saturday, March 16, 2013

District 13 Coaches

All-Star Team


First Team

Evan French, Warren 11

Jordan Kidd, Vinton County 12

Joe Burrow , Athens 10

Evan Maddox, Fairland 11

Reece Patton, Warren 11

Tristan Myers, Logan 12

Co-Players of the Year: Evan French, Warren; Joran Kidd, Vinton County

Second Team

Ibi Watson, Athens 9

Justin Bailey, Gallia Academy 12

Michael Hall, Warren 10

LB Remy, Vinton County 12

Cody Midkiff, Fairland 12

Special Mention Tyler Neal, Jackson 11

Corey Hill, Marietta 10

Anthony McNeal, Logan 12

Bryce Owings, Vinton County 12

Kyle Raines, Fairland 12

Braden Riley, Marietta 11

Zacciah Saltzman, Athens 9

Adam McKnight, Marietta 11

Coach of the Year: Blane Maddox, Warren


First Team

Zac Carter, Ironton 12

Trey Fletcher, Ironton 12

Javon Thompson, Chesapeake 12

Luke Hammond, Oak Hill 12

Conor Markins, Coal Grove 11

Brandon Barnes, South Point 11

Second Team

Max Carney, Federal Hocking 12

Braden Jones, Alexander 12

Drew Haislop, Oak Hill 12

Dakota Hoffman, Belpre 12

Trevor White, Ironton 12

Alex Bare, Coal Grove 12

Special Mention

Jacob Blake, Nelsonville York 12

Justus Ousley, Wellston 12

Shawn Parsons, Federal Hocking 12

Toriano Smith, Wellston 12

Dakota Brown, Wellston 12

Emmitt Reed, Nelsonville York 10

Nick Therriault, Belpre 11

Austin Collins, Rock Hill 10

Cody Stewart, Meigs 12

Brandon Adkins, South Point 10

Coach of the Year: Mark Lafon, Ironton


1st Team

Justin Mahlmeister, St. Joseph 12

Max Carnahan, Eastern 12

Tyler Rowe, Symmes Valley 11

Brayden Greer, South Gallia 10

Tristen Wolfe, Southern 10

Elijah Rader, Miller 10

Second Team

Austin Shriver, Waterford 11

Austin Baldwin, Symmes Valley 12

Kirk Pullins, Eastern 12

Eli Lewis, St. Joseph 12

Trey Scott, St. Joseph 10

Special Mention

Skylar Hook, Miller 12

Chase Cook, Eastern 11

Jake Kish, Trimble 11

Kody Lambert, South Gallia 12

DJ Miller, Symmes Valley 11

Brian Moore, Waterford 12

Adam Pape, Southern 12

Coach of the Year: Donnie Saunders Symmes Valley

DIVISION 1 and 2 Girls

First Team

Erica Dawson, Marietta 12

Madison Ridout, Jackson 11

Dominique Doseck, Athens 10

Jordanna Rauch, Warren 12

Lydia Poe, Jackson 11

Emma Ryan, Warren 12

Player of the Year: Erica Dawson, Marietta

Second Team

Caitlyn Owings, Vinton County 12

Brett Justice, South Point 11

Ashley Frasure, Logan 11

Kaitlyn Cozzens, Marietta 12

Kendra Barnes, Gallia Academy 10

Special Mention

Emily Zinn, Vinton County 12

Mackenzie Ullman, Warren 12

Kristen Hill, Marietta 12

Hannah Debruin, Athens 11

Kari Jenkins, Jackson 12

Chelsy Sloan, Gallia Academy 10

Xan Hale, Vinton County 11

Amy Fleming, Warren 12

Kerrigan Hoover, Jackson 11

Micah Curfman, Gallia Academy 10

Coach of the Year: Matt Walburn, Jackson


First Team

Terra Stapleton, Fairland 11

Lexie Barrier, Ironton 9

Leanna Adkins, Oak Hill 11

Chandler Fulks, Fairland 11

Ashley Adkins, Coal Grove 12

Ariel Schweickart, Ironton 12

Second Team

Taelor Folden, Wellston 12

Cady Gilmore, River Valley 12

Madison Davis, Nelsonville York 10

Paige Roseberry, Oak Hill 12

Kaylee Koker, Alexander 12

Special Mention

Kelsey Riley, Fairland 10

Brook Knipp, Rock Hill 12

Brooke Breeze Nelsonville York 11

Sydnee Hall, Chesapeake 10

Lexie Washington, Ironton 10

Jacy Jones, Coal Grove 10

Shelby True, Nelsonville York 12

Jordan Davis, Wellston 12

Caitlin Stone, Fairland 10

Sam Ousley, Wellston 12

Coach of the Year: Jon Buchanan, Fairland


First Team

Brooke Drayer, Waterford 12

Jenna Burdette, Eastern 11

Jordan Parker, Eastern 11

Hannah Miller, St. Joseph 10

Ellie Bostic, South Gallia 12

Chelsey Paxton, Waterford 12

Co-Players of the Year: Brooke Drayer, Waterford; Jenna Burdette, Eastern

Second Team

Meghan Caldwell, South Gallia 12

Erin Swatzel, Eastern 11

Sierra Barker, Belpre 10

Kalli Hunt, Symmes Valley 11

Celestia Hendrix, Southern 11

Special Mention

Taylor Hilverding, Waterford 10

Amber Neal, St. Joseph 10

Savannah Hawley, Eastern 12

Dani Drayer, Waterford 9

Demi Moore, Trimble 12

Jensen Wolfe, Southern 9

Gracie Waddell, Symmes Valley 12

Jordan Huddleston, Southern 11

Ali Bray, Miller 11

Coach of the Year: Jerry Close, Waterford

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