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Law enforcement asked to crack down on litter bugs

Published 9:16am Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A few days away from his home county gave Lawrence County Prosecutor Brigham Anderson a rude awakening. Now he is reaching out to law enforcement to help in a personal mission.

“I had been on vacation for a couple of weeks and the first thing I noticed when I came back was an exorbitant amount of trash on the median of (U.S.) 52,” Anderson said. “It frustrated me. That got me really upset and interested.”

So last week Anderson sent a letter to city and village police departments, wildlife officers at Wayne National Forest and the sheriff’s office that if they see anyone littering to cite them into court.

“All those agencies are able to stop a vehicle and write them a ticket,” the prosecutor said. “And I have instructed all my assistants that if they get a ticket written for littering to ask for the maximum fine and that community service be picking up litter.”

Section 3767.32 of the Ohio Revised Code prohibits the depositing of litter on any public or private property. Violating that law is a third-degree misdemeanor that can send the guilty party to jail for up to 60 days and receive a fine of up to $500. Jail time can be waived for community service.

“As a lifelong resident of Lawrence County, I believe it is important that we make our county presentable not only for the citizens who live here, but for any businesses who may wish to locate here,” Anderson said. “I am hoping to make our county a cleaner and safer place to live and work.”


  • Jackyl

    The city needs to first crack down on all the litter and trash in the alleys all over Ironton, and fine the people that it belongs to . Maybe with all these new taxes on the water bill they can put some trash technologist to work.

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  • Digi

    how bout every politician after election has to pay litter charges for and signs still there with his name on it. And also officers start making notes of signs for yard/garage sales, weddings, reunions, church events, birthdays and the whatnot and if you see the signs still up the next day make sure everyone of those people all get littering citations too because all of the signage left hanging and laying around drives me nuts!

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  • mikehaney

    Let’s see. A couple signs out 93 to start. Then one on 522 as a reminder. One on county rd 27 sure wouldn’t hurt either.
    How much is a litter warning sign? Then have ODOT designate where to install, then our newly convicted litter bugs could install them under supervision while they’re out picking up trash.

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  • Shaking My Head

    I wonder if the IHS students that put the signs up under the over pass on 93 are going to clean up their mess? It really looks terrible after the rains got to them.

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  • Ironton Cares

    Just another way for Ironton to get money out of us, I don’t litter myself and if something happens to blow out of my window by accident on US 52 am I suppose to stop on the highway and pick it up?? This gives the agencies more reason to pull someone over, I am getting sick and tired of all of this, if I wasn’t stuck in my house for another 3 yrs I would be out of this town in a heartbeat, so tired of all of their garbage and then having someone try to bring business to Ironton, thats a joke in itself!

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    • Itown

      Ironton Cares, If some trash blew out your window of your car, then yes you should “care” enough about Ironton to stop and pick it up. I agree with this article. If you are able to get out of town and see how clean other communties are, it is embarassing to see the amount of trash along our roadways.

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    • mikehaney

      Littering from a motor vehicle is a minor misdemeanor

      and can result in fines up to $100. The driver of
      a motor vehicle can be cited if a passenger litters. The driver can also be cited if litter simply falls or
      blows from the

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