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Litter fight will require united effort

Published 9:41am Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Oftentimes the only way for a group to overcome a challenge is to have a united front. That is exactly what prosecutor Brigham Anderson is asking for when it comes to littering.

After going on vacation Anderson returned to notice the trash and refuse that literally litters Lawrence County roadways.

So the prosecutor has asked all county law enforcement agencies to step up enforcing these laws, something that has historically been mostly ignored or treated about as seriously as jaywalking.

Anderson has also instructed his office to seek the maximum fines and community service sentences for those who break the law.

This is certainly a positive step but we hope to see it go a step farther.

For this truly to be effective, everyone must get on board. That includes all of the county’s judges, the sheriff, the Ohio Department of Transportation and the county’s civic organizations that include the Lawrence-Scioto Solid Waste Management District, Ironton In Bloom and Operation TLC, which have been working hard to beautify the community for years.

Keeping Lawrence County clean and beautiful is a tall task, one that will require constant and consistent effort.

But this is certainly a step in the right direction.


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  • Poor Richard

    I recently drove Rt 93 north to Jackson County Ohio and was appalled at the trash and garbage along the roadway and around homes. I noticed three mini dumps in back yards where the landowner was burning garbage (which is illegal). I noted maybe 3-5 homes that were clean and well cared for on the entire road, the rest of the mess looked like southern West Virginia or eastern KY, including a school in Decator along with the poor animals stuck there in the loblolly.

    That’s what I viewed anytime I traveled any Lawrence County road, instead of enjoying a nice landscape with clean, well-maintained homes and waterways, I became so appalled over the disgusting mess that I don’t even take drives around the county anymore; trash, garbage, junk cars, junk metal, you name it!

    Lawrence County will NEVER have an active recreation and tourism industry as long as the deplorable condition of the land by human inhabitants continues. It is even embarrassing for our friends to visit, we can’t even take them around the county to show them the sites. Thank god for Wayne National Forest and other state properties that prevent more of these scum buckets from moving in.

    The interesting thing with the Rt 93 trip was that as soon as I crossed the Jackson County line, the litter/garbage stopped. So, what that tells me is the people that live along Rt 93 in Lawrence County are the very people throwing out the litter. Like birds pooping in their own nest!

    Wouldn’t it be great if someone made all those landowners pick up every piece of garbage on their property or be fined $2000 a day until it’s picked up????????? I just wonder if any of them realize what pigs the rest of us think they are and that we would absolutely love for them to move out of our county forever!!!!

    ODOT gets money for litter pickup budgeted every year, I think Lawrence County officials need to start asking what the heck they are really doing with the money.

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