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Ironton man faces charges of prostitution, suspended license

Published 9:41am Thursday, March 21, 2013

An Ironton man will have a hearing in Boyd County District Court following his arrest last weekend on multiple charges including prostitution.

Jeff Willis, of 831 N. Fourth St., was arrested by Ashland Police on Friday at approximately 4:50 p.m. at the 2500 block of Carter Avenue.

According to the police report by Major Mark McDowell, a woman was walking on Carter Avenue in the 2300 block, talking on a cell phone and went inside a liquor store.

“Then (she) came outside as a white Mercury SUV pulled up at the front door,” the report stated. “(The woman) exited the store and without hesitation jumped in the Mercury SUV. I initiated a traffic stop in the 2500 block of Carter Avenue.”

Willis was driving the SUV and told officers he was giving the woman a ride to a nearby restaurant. He denied he was soliciting a prostitute. He provided officers with an Ohio operator’s license, which had been suspended by Ohio for non-payment of an out of state fine.

Since he was not a Kentucky resident with multiple charges, Willis was arrested and charged with prostitution, operating on suspended license and possession of an operator’s license, the report stated. All charges are misdemeanors.

The woman was cited for prostitution. She was not arrested. Willis will appear before District Judge Scott Reese at 9:30 a.m. March 29.

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  • dublindon

    how they supposed to sell papers if they don’t make it more than it is. lol

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  • SSUgirl2011

    This story is so ridiculous and NOT true. Jeff was picking up a friend when she was done at the dr. Taking her to her husband at McDonald’s. how would a prostitute have his phone number is he didn’t know her? The story doesn’t make sense. It was a unlawful arrest. It’s humiliating and completely false. He is a great husband, who is madly in love with his wife, he is a great dad and a Christian man. He would never do this. The facts need to get straight for the sake of him and his family. He was only arrested for the license and does NOT face multiple charges.

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    • Digi

      Well I have to say I don’t think I know the guy, or what happened, but considering he was in KY he should have known better than to be driving without a licence period. But as far as the prostitution part if it’s true she’s a friend it will be easy enough to have those charges dropped. I personally thought it was odd they just cited the woman and let her walk away, but then again it wasn’t his primary charge, just the headliner for the news.

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