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State rep talks about economic growth

Published 12:00am Sunday, March 24, 2013

The message was simple — eradicate prescription drug abuse and jobs will follow.

Ohio Rep. Terry Johnson spoke on a variety of topics during the Chamber of Commerce’s monthly luncheon Friday at Ohio University Southern, but he kept coming back to the issue he has championed since his 2010 election.

“We have done a good job of knocking out the pill mills since I took this job,” Johnson said. “But now we have other drugs, such as heroine, coming into to take their place, so we can’t let up.”

Johnson said drugs are not just a Lawrence County problem, but a Scioto, Adams and Greenup, Ky., problem. What affects one area, affects all, he said.

Standing together to fight drugs, health problems and fiscal issues is the only way for Lawrence County and its neighbors to succeed, Johnson said. He continuously brought up the idea of “regional thinking” to the crowd, impressing upon them the importance of working together with surrounding counties to combat their problems together.

“If you’re not a player, you can’t win the game,” Johnson said. “If you have empty seats on your bus when you head to Columbus, stop in Scioto County and pick up some people to fill them. I’m serious about this regional thinking.”

After speaking, Johnson took questions from the audience. He answered questions asking for more information on prescription drugs as well as transportation issues and the state budget.


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  • Poor Richard

    I agree with working ‘regionally’ with other OHIO COUNTIES but I will never, ever, support working together for any reason with WV or KY.

    And anyone living in OHio that is not vested in helping Ohio communities where they live, needs to pack up their belongings and move back across the river!

    (Report comment)

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