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‘Obamacare’ will hurt businesses in 2014

Published 9:11am Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Evidently columnist Jim Crawford doesn’t read some papers, listen to the news or he is just a typical Democrat with blinders on.

Recently in the New York Times and other newspapers they were telling just how bad “Obamacare” really is.

The Supreme Court last year said it was a large tax on everyone. But only today did anyone look at what it will do for small businesses across America.

This particular business just happened to be in New York City and they did a story on what will happen to them. The bakery on which the newspaper wrote had 95 employees, and their total profit for the year was $200,000. But, with the tax that will happen next year, their profit will be less than $95,000.

They have three options, as do businesses here at home.

First, cut employees’ hours to below 30 a week.

Second, have fewer than 50 employees.

Third, pay a fine for every employee, which would be more than the first option.

What would you do?

Now, you think that this won’t affect you? Well you are wrong as you must buy insurance yourself if there are fewer than 50 employees or pay a fine every year.

Next year the insurance companies have already said, because of the coverage, they must carry the premium could go up from 20 percent to 100 percent on everyone.

Mine has already increased this year. I hate to think what it will be next year.

However, this is one thing that you can’t blame on George W. Bush and the Republicans, as not a one of them voted for this tax monstrosity.

Maybe when it hits you in the pocketbook you will take off those rose-colored glasses and see just what you voted for.

Yes, I’ll pay for it to, but so will you. And when I do, I’ll say, “Don’t blame us. We had nothing to do with this.”

Homer Campbell


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  • Geronimo

    Homer! You’re a minister! Yet you care nothing about the poor. You are always worried about you and your rich friends tax bill. Tell me this , do you thank the LORD for what you’ve been blessed with? You have a home , insurance and social security. Your Insurance has gone up!Well preacher man , mine has went up too. But I look around and people are hurting a lot worse than me. And Im not talking about what you rebubs like to call the lazy bums that collect welfare that you pay for. I never hear you well off guys saying much about the top of the food chain that take almost 5 times as much in tax money as all the welfare leaches combined. Anyway , the ones that I was talking about that was hurting are going to work everyday making about 1/2 or less that you and I did , without vacation , insurance , retirement or sick days. So Homer Man Up and quit whining!!

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  • rambo

    Obama had done more damage to the health care system of this nation then those that run the hospitals and only are out for a profit. This kind of health care has already killed many potential jobs but that is okay with Obama as he has his agenda. Make all he can dependent on the gov’t so he can have control and control is what he is really after he doesn’t care about the Consitution those are just words he has no respect for.

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  • keta

    It’s amazing that conservative wingnuts have been as successful as they have in convincing people that the rich work harder when they earn more, and the poor work harder when they earn less. Weird.

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  • deist

    Read what TR said. Business is good. Unions are good. When they both worked together the middle class grew. Then the neocons came in and convinced everyone that unions were the minions of the devil. Wages and standard of living dropped. Wake up.

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  • mikehaney

    First business man; farmer,hunter, gatherer. If good at it, make a profit.—————bad
    Unions; force workers to pay dues and support a party that supports abortion, gay marriage and attacks religious freedom.———————good

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  • mickakers

    Homer; As a PS; The primary concern of business (in our modern day society) is profit. Business could care less about the American people. Take the blinders off Homer, look around, you will see the lack of quality and service. Your old enough to see the decline in quality and service at the expense of profit. In actuality, your older than I am. God Help Ya! May God Hold You In The Palm Of His Hands, Homer.

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  • mickakers

    Homer Campbell; I find your comments a bit amusing. Your critic of Jim Crawford is in fact a critic of yourself. With all due respect, Homer, you are more prejudiced than he is. Your extreme right wing Republicanism far supersedes his liberal Democratic philosophy. I cannot wholeheartedly agree with either one of you. I do find Jim Crawford a step or two above you in his thinking. However, he is sadly lacking when it comes to moral perception, per example, his thinking on the killing of the unborn and same sex marriage. On the other hand, you are sadly lacking in your care and concern for the average American and the less fortunate members of our society. In actuality, you are both in the same boat, only on opposite ends. Interesting!!!

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  • mikehaney

    Who needs health insurance, losing doctors daily.
    Right on Homer, as always.

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  • Geronimo

    Take a xanax , go to bed and get some rest Homer! Obama has only 3 1/2 years to go , then we will have a real liberal democrat in the white house , and maybe a house and senate majority to work with. Then we’ll start you on some stronger meds.

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