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Friday time for local shopping

Published 9:37am Thursday, March 28, 2013

Old habits cannot be unlearned overnight but Friday is a perfect day to start practicing a good one of shopping locally.

Friday is National Mom and Pop Business-Owners Day and a new organization, Ironton aLive, is encouraging everyone to make this happen in the city and across Lawrence County.

It may only be one day but positive changes of long-standing behavioral patterns won’t happen overnight and they won’t happen at all until that first step is made.

Statistics show that every dollar spent with locally-owned businesses recirculates in the community numerous times. That isn’t often the case with corporate chains and mega retailers.

Of course, not every purchase can be made locally but you may surprised at how many can with just a little effort.

Dining. Groceries. Gas. Beverages. Hardware. Jewelry. Shoes. Automobiles and Maintenance. All these goods or services and many more can be found at the “mom and pop” businesses in Lawrence County.

Saving a few pennies here and there is far outweighed by the return that comes from investing in our own community.

Friday won’t change the overall “shop elsewhere” culture of our county but it is start.

  1. deist

    I think it is a great day to do this. People have forgotten who Jesus is. He helped the poor , the needy and the forlorn. I believe Jesus would be o.k. with trying to help each other in our own community.

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  2. mickakers

    I concur completely with the basic thought of this article, but this Friday (March 29th) is Good Friday, commemorating the death of a gentleman by the name of Jesus Christ. Maybe the shopping experience could be put off until the following Friday. Poor choice on the part of “Mom and Pop Business-Owners” and Ironton aLive choosing Good Friday to initiate this effort, also the Tribune in supporting it. Is this indicative of our society?

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