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Tax collections up over last year

Published 9:52am Friday, March 29, 2013

First half tax collections are running substantially ahead of those collected in 2012.

Already the county has received $17,043,776 in property taxes compared to $16,389,570 from last year.

The county treasurer’s office is verifying final figures before turning that data over to the county auditor’s office for reconciliation.

“We had a pretty efficient team and we continue to have a steady application of collection efforts to make people aware of their responsibility,” County Treasurer Stephen Burcham told the Lawrence County Commission at its Thursday meeting. “And the website had a lot of usage.”

County Engineer Doug Cade reported that on Thursday evening the speed limit on County Road 17 would be permanently reduced to 40 miles per hour from 50 mph.

That is the result of a county speed study and the reduction was authorized by the Ohio Department of Transportation.

One of the next speed reductions is slated for County Road 103 or Vesuvius-Ellisonville Road that will go from 55 mph to 35 mph.

Commissioners are currently considering how to repair three leaks in the courthouse dome. Right now the only estimate is from Steeplejacks of America of Strongsville for $27,500.

Commissioner Freddie Hayes praised the volunteers who spent Saturday, March 16, picking up litter as part of a cleanup of Operation TLC. Total bags collected were 260 for the morning work. In another cleanup the Lawrence-Scioto Solid Waste Management District collected 240 bags along U.S. 52.

Commissioner Bill Pratt reported that the county just made its last payment of $167,000 on the purchase of the former Campbell Elementary School for $1.34 million. The building is now the headquarters of the Department of Job and Family Services.

“This will give the county a better credit rating,” Pratt said.

In other action the commission:

• Approved City National Bank to receive the deposit of public funds by the county treasurer;

• Accepted the resignation of Brandon Best as a full-time station supervisor for the Lawrence County Emergency Medical Services;

• Approved a right-of-way permit for AT&T to enter County Road 43 to install new aerial lines and poles;

• Received the weekly dog warden’s report where one dog was destroyed; 27 were adopted or sent to rescue and two dogs were redeemed by their owners. The week ending March 16 had 100 dogs at the animal shelter.

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    Well of course, when you consider you only have to be 6 months behind on your taxes to have your property go into a lien sale! It’s ridiculous, when someone is able to go through late taxes and pick and choose what property they want and then those people are the ones that have the lien warnings sent to them, yea word’s going to get out and people are going to stop playing around and paying up much faster! Charging people that $100 plus the taxes just to keep grubby hands off their property is thievery when they aren’t even a full year behind!! Shame on you for allowing this to go on!

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