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Dogtown Relays

Published 12:22am Monday, April 1, 2013

Dogtown Relays

Girls’ Team Results

Fairland 92, Fairview 70, Huntington 63, Russell 51, South Point 50, Chesapeake 41, River Valley 33, Rock Hill 30, Ironton 27, Spring Valley 21, East Carter 14, Ashland 10.

Discus: Huntington, Chesapeake, Fairland, Ironton

Shot Put: Huntington, Chesapeake, Ironton, Fairland

Pole Vault: Fairview, Fairland, Huntington, Ironton

Long Jump: Huntington, River Valley, Fairland, Rock Hill

High Jump: Fairland, Russell, Chesapeake, River Valley

4×1600: Fairland, Fairview, Russell, South Point

Shuttle Hurdles: Huntington, Fairland, Fairview, South Point

Sprint Medley: Russell, Ironton, Chesapeake, Fairview

Distance Medley: Fairland, Fairview, Rock Hill, East Carter

4×100: South Point, Fairview, Russell, River Valley

4×200: Fairview, South Point, Huntington, Fairland

4×400: Fairview, South Point, Fairland, River Valley

4×800: Fairland, Spring Valley, Russell, Fairview

Boys’ Team Results

Fairland 93, South Point 87, East Carter 69, Russell 62, Chesapeake 53, River Valley 46, Spring Valley 37, Huntington 15, Ironton 9.

Discus: South Point, Fairland, River Valley, Chesapeake

Shot Put: Fairland, Chesapeake, Russell, South Point

Pole Vault: Fairland, Chesapeake, South Point, Russell

Long Jump: South Point, Russell, Fairland, Huntington

High Jump: Fairland, South Point, Russell, River Valley

4×1600: Fairland, South Point, East Carter, Russell

Shuttle Hurdles: South Point, Fairland, River Valley, East Carter

Sprint Medley: Spring Valley, East Carter, South Point, Chesapeake

Distance Medley: East Carter, South Point, Fairland, Spring Valley

4×100: East Carter, South Point, Russell, River Valley

4×200: Spring Valley, East Carter, Russell, River Valley

4×400: Chesapeake, Fairland, Spring Valley, East Carter

4×800: Fairland, East Carter, Russell, South Point

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