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Citizens must allow voices to be heard

Published 9:25am Thursday, April 4, 2013

When Ironton businesswoman Yvonne DeKay Sinnott spoke out at a recent Ironton City Council meeting she joined a rare group of individuals who make their voices heard when it comes to what is going on in the city.

Sinnott, owner of Yvonne DeKay School of Dance in downtown Ironton, asked the city council some legitimate questions that she said her and other citizens have been discussing. These include queries about police department staffing and whether or not there were solutions out there that could be implemented to strengthen the force and improve public safety.

Regardless of the specific questions, the most important factor is that she spoke up at all. Very few Ironton citizens and even fewer business owners are willing to get involved in how local government operates or put themselves out there because of fear of reprisal of some sort.

Audience participation at city council meetings is basically nonexistent and many citizens are not informed about what is going on, even when things directly impact them and their pocketbooks.

Hopefully Sinnott will spark a trend and be the first of many citizens who speak out and let their elected officials know how they feel about their performance.

An informed and engaged citizenry is vital to effective government.


  • Poor Richard

    Absolutely! Ask questions, do the research, make calls. Citizens should remember too that any office, department, agency or organization that is funded with public money must respond to Freedom of Information Act Requests (FOIA). If you want to know how much money was spent and for what, you provide that office a request and they have a reasonable period to respond to you. Download the Ohio Sunshine Laws, they are online and in pdf form. If an office will not respond to your request you have several options. My first option would be to talk to a news reporter. Get out there and dig!

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  • mikehaney

    What a great article!

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  • Geronimo

    I’m sorry deist! But you went too far above Rambo’s head.

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  • deist

    It does not matter rambo. As John Stuart Mill stated , there must be an open marketplace of ideas, available to everyone and anyone no matter their comment.

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  • rambo

    really what questions did she actually asked? this article is full of fallacy as it does not address real issues. unless you are a brainless reader and say thing like what a great article!

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  • mickakers

    My compliments to Yvonne DeKay Sinnott.

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