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Fairland West students publish book

Published 12:02am Sunday, April 7, 2013

PROCTORVILLE — Many elementary kids grow up wanting to be firefighters, police officers or astronauts, but there is a group of fifth graders at Fairland West Elementary School in Proctorville that wish for something else, and have already taken a huge leap in making their dreams a reality.

Thirty-one students have spent the school year putting pen to paper to create stories to be published in “Memories and Traditions,” a book designed to showcase their work.

The students are part of the school’s Writer’s Workshop. The workshop was created last year to give students with the desire to write a chance to hone their skills and provide an outlet to share them.

“Those who take part in the workshop do so because they have a desire to write,” Debbie Pemberton, reading teacher, said. “They worked hard and wrote great stories.”

The students wrote on topics reflecting their memories and traditions using a variety of methods, Pemberton said. They came up with ideas through games and activities and even used color swatches to get their creative juices flowing.

Last year, the students did most of the work on their own, Pam Leep, language arts teacher, said, but this year they collaborated with students in other grades to create the finished product. She said they worked with high school students for writing and editing help before going over to Fairland East where second graders helped with the book’s illustration.

“It was great how everyone came together,” Leep said. “After the high school students helped with the stories we went over to Fairland East and the students read to the second graders. It was especially great, because a lot of our students had siblings in second grade who they paired up with.”

The students began the workshop in November and met once a month to go over their work and do activities. Many of them agreed working with their siblings and other younger kids was a fun part of the workshop.

For many, their love of writing spawned from their love of reading. Holli Leep, student and writer, for instance, said she takes a book with her almost everywhere she goes and feels she has become a better writer because of the workshop.

Another workshop participant, Sydney Bane, student and writer, said she has loved to write for as long as she can remember. She agreed with Leep that the workshop has helped her become a better writer.

“I like writing books, and now when I look back on old books I think I didn’t know as much as I do now,” Bane said. “I really like writing and reading, they are two of my favorite things.”

Bane is working with fellow workshop writer, Addi Speed, on a separate book, Pemberton said, mentioning the students’ dedication to writing goes beyond the workshop.

The books have gone off to press and workshop writers will participate in a book signing reception at the school May 3 at 1 p.m.

Writers, illustrators and parents will participate to sign their books and discuss the work that went into them.

The following is a list of workshop students and their stories:

Maddi Arthur, “Christmas with my Family”

Wade Brown, “Family Fun”

Rachel Minor, “When my Cousins Come Over”

Alli Singer, “The Trip to Myrtle Beach”

Isabelle Steele, “Florida Vacations”

Alli Steele, “Graham Cracker House”

Olivia Lewis, “Daisy”

Sara Kate Lewis, “Ready for the Beach”

Bryce Gorby, “Gorby Acres”

Holli Leep, “Krazy Hat Party”

Addi Speed, “Thanksgiving at Nana’s House”

Erin Rowe, “Anniversary Surprise”

Chris Hazinski, “A Family Tradition”

Bryson Denney, “Ornaments at the Mall”

Blaine Cremeans, “My Family Tradition”

Sydney Bane, “Time for Tennessee”

Jasmine Barrick, “Birthday Tradition”

Emily Marcum, “Elias Avrel”

Julia White, “My Summer Memory”

Rosie Mannon, “Sledding Fun”

Olivia Burge, “My Spectacular Vacation”

Sydney Fletcher, “My New York City Adventure”

Emily Graham, “Myrtle Beach”

Abigail McClendon, “Fireworks and Fire

Kinley Curry, “Colorful Tears”

Caden Howard, “A Family Vacation”

Devin Mason, “Christmas Eve Joy”

Shawna Thacker, “My Family Trip to Beach Fork:

Macenzie Simmons, “Time for Thanksgiving:

Kaylyn Evenich, “Wonderful Cinnamon Rolls”

Xavier Veltri, “Fun Family Vacation”


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