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Airport important for county’s growth

Published 11:07am Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I read The Tribune headline of March 27 about the airpark with great interest.

The commissioners are thinking maybe they shouldn’t spend the county’s money on lighting upgrades that really only cost 10 percent of the real value with the FAA kicking in 90 percent.

Quoting Mr. Bill Pratt, “Those that utilize the benefit should come up with the match.”

This thinking is very short-sighted.

First, that could be said of any improvement in the county.

Example, if I don’t drive on the road that leads to your home, why should my taxes pay for blacktopping? Because it improves the county and it is a shared expense.

Second, all the county benefits. Many business people use the airport to visit our local businesses, especially at The Point.

I know because often in my business travels I fly to the county airport closest to my clients, then take a courtesy car to my final destination.

If Lawrence County wants to grow as a world class business and industrial center, we must have the transportation facilities. That includes the airport.

I urge the commissioners to reconsider the funding for this vital link in Lawrence County.

Michael Floyd


Mi-De-Con, Inc.


Deering Grange seeks new members for organization

Would anyone be interested in joining the Deering Grange? We have potlucks and eat a little something after the meeting. We go to different Granges and on trips.

It only costs $25 per year.

I can be reached at (740) 532-3351.

Pansy Cook


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  • Ozzy

    You are right Poor Richard.

    Lawrence County is in a position where they must prioritize their assets. I do not feel that putting lights on an airpark that is used for recreation is wise given that the Judges, Prosecutor, and Sheriff need better funding to help keep us safe and fight crime. From what I have been reading in the paper the last couple of months,the Jail needs this money more than the airpark.

    We all want things but we must only buy the necessary things when we can’t afford to do otherwise.

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  • Poor Richard

    The Chesapeake Airport has been around along time. My dad got his pilots license at that airport and as a child there were always activities like the Blue Angel visits.

    This is not the case today, it has really become a ‘private airport’ for the few that utilize it at the expense of taxpayers. Those that want to use it, like Midecon, should have to pay for it.

    I have asked over and over and over, what is the airport costing taxpayers and what are the benefits? Either the IT is afraid to publish that information or the county is unwilling to give it. So here is your public FOIA request, gentlemen, give taxpayers the information. Who is utilizing the airport that have not paid their bills?

    The airport, like the CAO, and many other projects and activities in Lawrence County have been status quo for so long that everybody just goes along with it rather than ask questions and find out what is really going on. No more status quo, commissioners, either you manage these offices/projects responsibly and profitably for county citizens or you shut them down.

    It is not the job of the county to provide a recreational activity to a few citizens at the expense of others and it is not the responsibility of the CAO to employ citizens for the sake of providing them income.

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