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New business shows you should look local first

Published 12:10am Sunday, April 21, 2013

I was very pleased to read in The Tribune earlier this week that Tackett’s Body Shop now offers Hertz Rental Cars.

During busy times throughout the year when our fleet vehicles are all on the road our companies rent cars for our salesmen. Until now we have rented these vehicles from elsewhere in the Tri-State because we were not aware that Ironton had a car rental vendor.

The Hertz rental business being located where it is right on Second Street is a perfect location for us because a good number of our salesmen drive past the Tackett location when they are heading back and forth between our Ironton and Worthington, Ky., offices.

We hire mostly Irontonians so the Second Street location of Tackett’s is also on the way home for many of our employees.

I remember when the Ironton Port Authority assisted Tackett’s in relocating into their building in downtown. At that time I did not think that our businesses could benefit from the body shop moving to that location but my perspective has changed.

It just goes to show some of the ongoing “spin-off” or “residual” economic benefits that have been created by the work that the IPA has done since its founding.

As I write this letter, I can say that we presently have at least one car rented from a competing car rental company. Provided that Hertz’s service and prices are comparable to those of the other car rental vendors in the area, we will start calling Hertz in Ironton first.

We relish the opportunity to do business in Ironton with Ironton businesses whenever possible.

Robert Slagel

Portable Solutions Group



Walmart offering help in fight against hunger

Hunger is an issue in the Tri-State. Our local food pantries feed hundreds of families a month.

Walmart is offering $20,000 each to the top 60 pantries in the U.S. The measurement is by votes on Facebook. If you want to help the local food pantries please vote.

It is not as simple as hitting a “like” button but it is far from requiring a PhD in rocket science. There are many ways to get there if on the Internet. Type in and it will take you to a “join the fight now” link.

If that doesn’t work for you, get on Facebook and go to Walmart in the search and look for the blue “fighting hunger together” link. Both will get you to a search bar which asks which organization. Here you pick your organization. I favor the food pantry at First United Methodist in Ashland, Ky., but it would help any Tri-State group.

I am passionate about keeping some of those Walmart dollars in this area for this needy cause.

You can help by voting. The first time will take a few minutes but if you vote once then voting for the next 10 days is a piece of cake and will take you 30 seconds.

And if you don’t want to do it, let your children or friends get charged up.

Barry Cohen

Ashland, Ky.



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