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Owners of 102 parcels in default with tax contracts

Published 9:07am Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Property could go on lien sale


Property owners who were facing default on their contract with the county treasurer’s office had until Friday to meet that obligation.

Now taxpayers on 102 parcels have to pay all taxes current and past by July 19 or possibly see their property go to a tax lien sale.

“They have a chance to make it right on the second half,” County Treasurer Stephen Burcham said. “If not, I will probably have a tax lien sale probably in bulk to an interested party.”

Second half tax bills are expected to be sent out the week of May 27 and are due July 19.

Burcham’s office notified property owners of 179 parcels that they either owed their first half taxes or were behind in payments on the contract they had set up to pay their back taxes. That totalled $82,896.96 in back or first half taxes.

Property owners had until Friday to meet this year’s obligation. Monthly payments must be current as well as the current year’s taxes.

Right now there are approximately 500 on contract to pay back taxes in monthly installments.

By Friday owners of 72 parcels came in to pay $29,219 that was owed to date.

Now the remaining 102 must pay all that they owe the county in taxes.

“Not just what you missed but the entire amount on the contract,” Burcham said.

  • concerned taxpayer

    I wonder if second half tax bills will be sent out when stated? The first half were 2 weeks late acording to what the Jan. 3rd article said in the paper, they were printed, but not stuffed as stated as ours all came in seperate envelopes with return envelopes just ahead of the postal increase, but not saving 550.00 as stated, but costing an additional 4950.00 using Burchams math with all these seperate bills instead of 1 or 2 as in the past! Many of my bills were for less than the postage alone, so I paid only 1st half to watch the stupidy all year.

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  • concerned taxpayer

    The way I understood the paper to read last week every parcel in the county is now past due thanks to a lack of responsible elected office holders (ccc levy),but time will hold in store another election!!!

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  • concerned taxpayer

    Here we go again with an other bulk tax sale to stephen’s kickback buddies. He’s sure kept his mouth shut about the Jan. 8th bulk sale he was touting!!!

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