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Now is time to ‘think small’

Published 10:08am Thursday, May 2, 2013

We’ve been told since we were young to always “think big.” In most cases, this is true. However, there is one instance where we all need to “think small.”

With the warm months rolling in, and so many events, occasions, holidays, and reunions coming up, it is a great time to start thinking small.

Small business owners in our hometown rely on us to keep the community going. Contrary to current perception, there are a lot of great local businesses in Ironton. If we, as a community, wish to see the area grow, and more businesses to locate here, we must support the ones that are here currently.

Make it a point during the upcoming event season to patronize local businesses. Be a part of it, even if that just means buying a drink or just watching an event.

The best way to attract new business is to show them that we are an active community. We must show that we take pride in our city, and frequent the established shops.

Stop and think about what items you need and where you could find them right here in Ironton.

If we change our mindset, we will change our future.

We can be the movement that improves our city. Be the change you want to see.


Jon Ferguson is executive director of Ironton aLive, a non-profit organization working to make Ironton a better place to live, work, and play. He can be reached at 740-532-2269, ext 301 or Like Ironton aLive on Facebook:

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  • keta

    Ironton and Lawrence County have been thinking small for far too long

    You missed the point, Mick. A lot of people in Ironton complain about our town as they head to Ashland or Huntington to have dinner, fill their gas tanks, and shop. That’s idiotic. So far today, I’ve bought a load of flowers for my flowerbed, a delicious lunch, a week’s worth of groceries and a tank of gas right here in Ironton. Mr. Ferguson is urging us to think, and to act like citizens; to change our routines a little and support our town. How hard is that?

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  • mickakers

    Jon Ferguson; I just returned from my annual visit to Ironton, Lawrence County and vicinity. I took a walk around Memorial Hall, so sad. If this is an example of decisions made by the City Fathers or should I say City Children, it is no wonder Ironton is in decline. Boyd County and Greenup County Kentucky are far ahead of Ironton and Lawrence County. The problem is, the citizens of Ironton and Lawrence County have been thinking small for far too long. Maybe it is time to think big.

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