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Man gets prison time for meth

Published 9:49am Friday, May 3, 2013

One of five people arrested in connection with an alleged meth lab at a South Point apartment has admitted his involvement.

Tyler Adkins, 24, of 223 Township Road 1186 Apt. 30, pleaded guilty to a count of third-degree attempted illegal manufacture of drugs. That charge was amended from a count of second-degree illegal manufacture of drugs.

Judge D. Scott Bowling sentenced the man to 35 months in prison, suspended his driver’s license for six months and ordered him to pay a $5,000 fine.

Nathan D. Boyd, 24, Roberta Boyd, 43, William Gore, 45, and Kimbralee Boyd, 22, all of the same address, are also charged in connection with the alleged meth lab and have all pleaded not guilty to one count each of second-degree illegal manufacture of drugs. Gore was also arraigned on a fifth-degree count of possession of drugs (morphine).

The apartment where the alleged meth lab was found was in the Lawrence Commons Apartment complex. The defendants were arrested in March after the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office received an anonymous call about a strange odor coming from the residence.

The deputies found a 20-ounce soda bottle, rubber tube and several ingredients commonly used to make meth, according to a release from the sheriff’s office. A deputy confirmed that meth was actively cooking inside the bottle.

In other cases:

• Terra Bennett, 36, of 100 Napolean Lane, Franklin Furnace, admitted to community control sanctions violations that she tested positive for oxycontin and opiates. According to the adult probation department, Bennett also tried use a fraudulent urine sample, which tacked on an additional charge of third-degree tampering with evidence, to which she pleaded guilty.

Bowling sentenced Bennett to six months in prison for the CCS violation and 24 months in prison for the tampering charge, to be served concurrently.

Bowling said the woman could get out of prison in six months on judicial release with good behavior.

• Crystal Lewis, 31, of 1405 S. Fifth St., was arraigned on a count of first-degree aggravated burglary, to which she pleaded not guilty.

Bowling set bond at $50,000 cash, surety or real estate, $24,000 own-recognizance and set a pretrial for May 15.

• Van Lee Harrell, of 223 Township Road 1186 Apt. 13, South Point, was arraigned on four counts of fourth-degree trafficking in drugs, fourth-degree complicity to trafficking in drugs and a count each of third- and fifth-degree trafficking in drugs. The man pleaded not guilty to all charges.

Bowling set bond at $25,000 OR and GPS monitoring and set a pretrial for May 15.

• Phillip Morrison, 40, of 413 Etna St., Ironton, was arraigned on a third-degree count of trafficking in drugs and two counts of fourth-degree trafficking in drugs, to which he pleaded not guilty.

Bowling set bond at $25,000 OR and GPS monitoring and set a pretrial for May 15.

• Heather Depriest, 23, of 223 Township Road 1186 Apt. 13, South Point, was arraigned on three counts of fourth-degree and one count of third-degree complicity to trafficking in drugs, and a count of fourth-degree trafficking in drugs.

• Patricia Layne, 28, of 318 1/2 Monroe St. Apt 1, Ironton, admitted to CCS violations and was sentenced to treatment at Mended Reeds.

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