Police Reports — 5/9/13

Published 8:55am Thursday, May 9, 2013

Sheriff’s Office

Vandalism — County Road 33, Oak Hill, May 1; man reports spike in tire.

Violation of Protection Order — State Route 7, Crown City, May 2; woman says she has a protection order against her ex-boyfriend who wanted to see his children. He allegedly became belligerent on being denied access. Woman not sure if he has been served order.

Criminal Damaging — Ponderosa parking lot, South Point, May 2; woman reports vehicle was parked on lot and someone broke window and took her purse with checkbook in it.

Theft — County Road 35, Chesapeake, May 2; man reports truck cab, hood, fenders and radiator taken from property.

Petty Theft – County Road 19, Kitts Hill, May 1; man reports items taken from truck.

Domestic Violence — County Road 7, Ironton, May 1; woman alleges boyfriend grabbed her forearm and threw her on the couch. Eric E. Kelly, 30, 32 County Road 7, Ironton, arrested for domestic violence.

Assault — Travelers’ Motel, Chesapeake, May 2; couple allegedly fought. Leland Davis, 40, 900 W. Fifth Ave., Huntington, W.Va., and Brandy Lambert, 23, Travelers’ Motel, Chesapeake, arrested for assault.

Menacing – County Road 407, South Point, May 3; man allegedly screams at neighbor in front of a deputy. Neighbor alleges man has threatened him. Timothy Powell, 42, of 227 County Road 407, South Point, cited for menacing.

Domestic Violence — Township Road 1161, Proctorville, woman allegedly verbally abusive to mother and brother. Megan L. Bellomy, 29, 921 11th St., Huntington, W.Va., arrested for domestic violence, possession of drug abuse instrument and drug paraphernalia.

Violation of Protection Order — Rockwood Avenue, Chesapeake, May 4; woman reports text messages allegedly from ex-boyfriend on whom she has a protection order. Peter Bloom, 57, Apt. 7, Chesapeake, charged with violation of protection order.

Theft — State Route 775, Scottown, May 3; man alleges family member cashed checks without permission. Suspect named.

Criminal Damaging — County Road 103, Ironton, May 3; man allegedly kicked door of woman’s car, cracking paint and denting it. Suspect named.

Menacing — Township Road 155 E, Ironton, May 3; man alleges woman is harassing him.

Theft — Township Road 1159, Proctorville, May 5; woman reports pop-up camper missing.

Theft — Private Drive 282, Chesapeake, May 4; woman reports license plate taken from car.

Theft – County Road 182, Kitts Hill, May 5; man reports motorcycle taken from house.

Violation of Protection Order — County Road 10C, Pedro, May 5; woman who has a protection order against neighbor alleges that he was cutting grass in violation of order. James R. Ison, 27, 171 County Road 10C, Pedro, charged with violation of protection order.

Resisting Arrest — State Route 93, May 3; man allegedly punches window of sheriff’s cruiser and makes obscene gesture at deputy. Deputy pursues man to hill on State Route 93, where he allegedly resists arrest. Todd McCann, 39, of 657 County Road 119, Ironton, charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

Theft — County Road 62, Willow Wood, man allegedly stole checks and forged name on them. Leo A. Ulery, 304 S, County Road 62, Willow Wood, charged with forgery without authority and theft without consent.

Disorderly Conduct — Whisky River, South Point, May 5; woman making report about missing car keys allegedly intoxicated and charged with disorderly conduct. Susan Strange, 29, 1365 County Road 1, South Point, arrested.





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