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Burlington citizens must fight alcohol sales

Published 9:41am Monday, May 13, 2013

The residents of Burlington may again be asked to make a decision this fall on allowing or not the sale of alcohol in their local businesses.

One of the leading employers in the area has started once again the process of selling alcohol by getting their alcohol permits. Many folks believe that this will help the local economy.

But let’s take a real look at statistic on alcoholics.

> Alcohol is the number one drug problem in America.

> Americans spend $197 million each day on alcohol.

> More than 100,000 U.S. deaths are caused by excessive alcohol consumption each year.

> 73 percent of all felonies are related to alcohol use.

> 73 percent of child beating cases are related to alcohol use.

> 41 percent of rape cases are related to alcohol use.

> 81 percent of all wife battering cases are related to alcohol use.

> 72 percent of stabbings and 83 percent of homicides are related to alcohol use.

The alcohol facts:

> 48 percent of people aged 12 and older are drinkers in America.

> Every day, 7,000 children in America under the age of 16 take their first drink.

> Alcohol-related motor vehicle crashes kill someone every 31 minutes.

> Someone Non-fatally injure every two minutes because of alcohol.

> The economic cost of alcohol abuse in America is estimated to be approximately $185 billion each year.

Why would you want to allow this to happen in Burlington when you can stop it now? This is no more than a greedy corporation using the people of Burlington for their personal gain.

Be careful that you choose to vote wisely if this comes up in the fall election.

Be very careful if you decide to open Pandora’s Box of alcohol sales in Burlington. When you open the box, you will open the door for other businesses to follow their example.

Yes, economically it looks very good, but if you destroy the ability of your people to work or function within society, then you are not working for the good of the people in the community in which you serve.

Dr. Scott Mann



  1. mickakers

    Poor Richard; As a PS; Your comment, “the majority of what we have in this area is far, far, from that kind of social drinking.” (pertaining to the consumption of alcoholic beverages) I feel there is a possibility this is an exaggerated statement.

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  2. mickakers

    Poor Richard; Prohibition has been tried and found lacking. The only beneficiaries of prohibition were the criminal element. Are you a resident of Ironton? Your description of Huntington brings back memories of Ironton in the 50′s, 60′s, 70,s 80,s and early 90′s, is it still the same? The “brown paper bags” brings back memories of Thunder Bird and Muscatel, Screw Driver and Mad Dog 20/20 (Mogan David), I don’t think it was kosher. In my humble opinion, Thunder Bird was the best (white wine). When it comes to litter, all members of society litter, not only the worshipers of Dionysus (Greek) or Bacchus (Roman). Fights and Stabbings? The vast majority of these altercations take part among themselves (the drunks). Alcohol, the use of or lack of participation has nothing to do with boosting a families or communities image. Images can be deceiving. PROHIBITION has been tried and found lacking.

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  3. Poor Richard

    OK, mickakers, I’ll bite.

    While it would be very nice to have a population of people that are mature enough to drink and socialize with moderation, maybe have a glass of wine with dinner, a drink after work, a nice bar to visit, the majority of what we have in this area is far, far, from that kind of social drinking.

    At the end of Huntington 6th street bridge on the WV side is a congregation of that type of drinkers in this area, walking up and down the sidewalks with their brown paper bags, walking around in wet pants where they urinated on themselves. Then there are the bars in the downtown with filth and garbage outside each one and for anyone that has walked in downtown Huntington it is unbelievable what you might see thrown on the streets, sidewalks, or landscape plantings. Cigarette butts everywhere. Fights, stabbings, etc. Watch the drive thru windows where most are picking up their daily allotment of booze in a vehicle. How many of us property owners pick up liquor bottles and cans from along the roadways where these sleezes are too lazy to put them in the garbage and because they are drinking and driving on roads where our families drive.

    No, I wouldn’t in any way, shape or form, compare the drinkers and drunks in this area with being mature, responsible users of alcohol. My family rarely goes out after dark in a vehicle because there are so many of the drunks and drug users on our roadways.

    Alcohol would certainly do absolutely nothing to improve Burlington’s image as a family and community oriented village.

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  4. mickakers

    I must concur with deist’s thoughts. Prohibition is ludicrous and lacking in mature judgement..

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  5. deist

    Really? You blame alcohol for Huntingtons problems? How about the business owners refusing to allow the Barborsville Mall to be built in downtown Huntington? Alcohol is the least of their worries. And alcohol is not the problem. It is in anything, the abuse of a product. You do know the 18th amendment was repealed, correct?

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  6. Poor Richard

    I totally agree!
    ALCOHOL is when Huntington WV started going downhill and now look at it, quite disgusting!

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