Coal Grove Hornets’ Austen “Red” Pleasants wins the discus event during competition on Friday at the Ohio Valley Conference meet. (Photo Courtesy of Sarah Hawley of The Gallipolis Tribune)

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Hornets win 5th OVC track title in a row

Published 2:54am Tuesday, May 21, 2013
Coal Grove Hornets’ Austen “Red” Pleasants wins the discus event during competition on Friday at the Ohio Valley Conference meet. (Photo Courtesy of Sarah Hawley of The Gallipolis Tribune)

Jim Walker


BIDWELL — The Coal Grove Hornets have developed a habit and they don’t seem to be looking to kick it any time soon.

The Hornets dominated the field events and used their team depth to rack up a fifth straight Ohio Valley Conference track championship on Friday.

“God blessed our young men with a great performance. The kids went out and really competed well. I am very proud of each one of them,” said Hornets’ coach Jay Lucas.

“It was a total team effort. Our throwers performed very well. Coach Dave Lucas did a great job getting those guys ready for us. I also thought our jumpers stepped up and did a great job, and our runners fought hard all night.”

Coal Grove racked up 173 points with Fairland just 11 points back. South Point was third with 73 points followed by Chesapeake with 70, River Valley 32 and Rock Hill 13.

“Coach Jon Buchanan does a great job at Fairland. They have a really nice track team and they competed very well,” said Lucas.

Coal Grove got a pair of first-place finishes from Garrett Schultz who swept the 110- and 300-meter hurdles.

Also taking first-place for the Hornets were Brandon Adkins who went 6-5inthe high jump, Alex Bare in the long jump, Austen Pleasants in the discus, and Andrew Henry in the shot put. Twin brother Tyler Henry was second in the shot.

The Hornets team of Austin Willis, Greg Carter, Jesse Rigsby and Michael Knuckles won the 4×100 relay while the quartet of Sean Paulus, Jeff Smith, Jacob Pierce and Trevor Barrett won the 4×200 relay.

Chesapeake’s Javon Thompson turned in the meet’s outstanding performance with three first-place finishes. Thompson won the 100-, 200- and 400-meter dashes. He also teamed with Tyler Sanders, Nick Duffield and Drew Oxley to win the 4×400 relay.

Fairland’s Raine Wireman claimed first-place in the 800 and 1600 meters. He was also second in the 3200 and joined Logan Rowe, Josh Sifford and Taylor Lewis to win the 4×800 relay.

Ohio Valley Conference

Track Meet

Boys’ Team Scores

1, Coal Grove 173; 2, Fairland 162; 3, South Point 73; 4, Chesapeake 70; 5, River Valley 32; 6, Rock Hill 13.

Field Events

High Jump: 1, Brandon Adkins (CG) 6-5; 2, Brady Sloan (SP) 6-0; 3, Bryan Steele (CG) 6-0; 4, Justin Mabe (RV) 5-8; 5, Aaron Dalton (RH) 5-6; 6, Jacob Perdue (SP) 5-6.

Pole Vault: 1, Josh Sifford (F) 11-0; 2, Seth Marlowe (SP) 11-0; 3, Jake Wireman (F) 10-6; 4, Ian McFarland (CG) 10-6; 5, Nate Smith (Ch) 10-6; 6, Ryan Khoulavong (SP) 10-0.

Long Jump: 1, Alex Bare (CG) 19-9; 2, Nathan Campbell (F) 19-4.25; 3, Gage Townsend (SP) 18-8.5; 4, Bryan Steele (CG) 18-6; 5, Derick Willis (F) 18-2.5; 6, Jon Jon Qualls (RV) 17-5.

Shot Put: 1, Andrew Henry (CG) 44-3.5; 2, Tyler Henry (CG) 43-5.25; 3, Zack McKinney (F) 41-6.25; 4, Patrick McCoy (F) 38-6.5; 5, Brandon Matney (RH) 37-11.25; 6, Ryan Webb (SP) 37-5.5.

Discus: 1, Austin Pleasants (CG) 136-3; 2, Zack McKinney (F) 124-8; 3, Jacob Marcum (RV) 114-9; 4, Trevor Barrett (CG) 112-9; 5, Ethan Baker (RH) 109-9; 6, Allen Woodall (F) 100-10.

Running Events

110M Hurdles: 1, Garrett Schultz (CG) 15.9; 2, Darren Bishop (F) 16.1; 3, Jake Wireman (F) 16.8; 4, Justin Mabe (RV) 17.2; 5, Jon Kostival (RV) 17.3; 6, Joe Akers (CG) 17.4

300M Hurdles: 1, Garrett Schultz (CG) 43.1; 2, Jake Wireman (F) 44.0; 3, Nick Lucas (Ch) 44.1; 4, Darren Bishop (F) 45.4; 5, Jacob Perdue (SP) 46.8; 6, Joe Akers (CG) 47.8.

100M Dash: 1, Javon Thompson (Ch) 11.7; 2, Mason Nance (CG) 12.0; 3, Austin Ruggles (CG) 12.1; 4, Nathan Campbell (F) 12.2; 5, Mason White (SP) 12.2; 6, James Leonard (SP) 12.4.

200M Dash: 1, Javon Thompson (Ch) 23.6; 2, Austin Ruggles (CG) 24.5; 3, Conor Markins (CG) 24.7; 4, James Leonard (SP) 25.0; 5, Gage Townsend (SP) 25.0; 6, Nathan Campbell (F) 25.1.

400M Dash: 1, Javon Thompson (CG) 52.5; 2, Taylor Lewis (F) 53.5; 3, Bryan Steele (CG) 54.3; 4, Mason Nance (CG) 54.7; 5, Stephen Wagoner (SP) 55.2; 6, Mark Wray (RV) 56.5.

800M: 1, Raine Wireman (F) 2:06.0; 2, Josh Sifford (F) 2:06.8; 3, Drew Oxley (Ch) 2:08.2; 4, Austin Blankenship (Ch) 2:09.6; 5, Austin Hamilton (RV) 2:12.3; 6, Tanner Mathes (SP) 2:14.8.

1600M: 1, Raine Wireman (F) 4:50.0; 2, Jonathon Joseph (CG) 4:51.1; 3, Tanner Mathes (SP) 4:51.4; 4, Logan Rowe (F) 4:51.9; 5, Aaron Dalton (RH) 4:55.8; 6, Seth Miller (RH) 4:56.8.

3200M: 1, Logan Rowe (F) 10:33.6; 2, Raine Wireman (F) 10:35.1; 3, Tyler Mathes (SP) 10:43.4; 4, Seth Miller (RH) 10:47.7; 5, Jonathon Joseph (CG) 11:02.4; 6, John Archambault (SP) 11:06.7.


4×100: 1, Coal Grove (Austin Willis, Greg Carter, Jesse Rigsby, Michael Knuckles) 46.3; 2, South Point (Gage Townsend, Patrick Bracken, Mason White, James Leonard) 46.9; 3, Fairland (Darren Bishop, Bailey Manns, Jordan Holman, Tristen Kittle) 48.6; 4, Chesapeake (Nate Smith, Logan McCloud, Kodey Hager, Drew McKenzie) 49.3; 5, River Valley (Mark Wray, Josh Campbell James Williams, Jon Jon Qualls) 50.3.

4×200: 1, Coal Grove (Sean Paulus, Jeff Smith, Jacob Pierce, Trevor Barrett) 1:36.0; 2, South Point (Tim Vance, Bracken Patrick, Mason White, James Leonard) 1:36.9; 3, Fairland (Nathan Campbell, Jordan Holman, Bailey Manns, Darren Bishop) 1:39.5; 4, River Valley (Dustin Bickers, Jon Jon Qualls, Austin Hamilton, Mark Wray) 1:40.4; 5, Chesapeake (Kodey Hager, Logan McCloud, Tyler Sanders, Andrew Saunders) 1:44.2.

4×400: 1, Chesapeake (Tyler Sanders, Javon Thompson, Nick Duffield, Drew Oxley) 3:37.6, 2, Coal Grove (Andrew Henry, Tyler Henry, Robert Sparks, Ike Pennington) 3:38.8; 3, Fairland (Josh Sifford, Jordan Holman, Jake Wireman, Taylor Lewis) 3:39.2; 4, River Valley (James Jackson, Jacob Kemper, Austin Hamilton, Ethan Hersman) 3:54.5; 5, South Point (Stephen Wagoner, Gage Stevens, Zach Samples, Brady Sloan) 4:01.7.

4×800: 1, Fairland (Logan Rowe, Raine Wireman, Josh Sifford, Taylor Lewis) 8:39.7; 2, Coal Grove (Austin Willis, Robert Sparks, Jeff Smith, Ike Pennington) 8:54.6; 3, Chesapeake (Nick Duffield, Ryan Ashworth, Austin Blankenship, Drew Oxley) 9:11.0; 4, South Point (Gage Stevens, Tanner Mathes, Tyler Mathes, Zach Samples) 9:15.9; 5, River Valley (Jacob Kemper, James Jackson, Ethan Hersman, Austin Hamilton) 9:33.6.


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