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Streetscape project for eastern end possible

Published 12:36am Sunday, May 26, 2013

CHESAPEAKE — If additional Community Development Block Grant funds are approved for Lawrence County, the corridor from Proctorville to the Chesapeake Community Center could get an infrastructure boost.

Already the county is scheduled to get $114,500 in CDBG with $100,000 earmarked for a sewer line extension in Rome Township. The remainder will go toward replacing the boiler at the community center.

However, those funds could be increased up to $300,000 for certain kinds of infrastructure projects.

“(The state) wants to be able to invest dollars into the infrastructure to make more impactful projects,” Ralph Kline of the Ironton-Lawrence County Community Action Organization, said. “They will add a boost to those funds.”

If that boost is approved, the county wants to focus that money on a targeted area around the community center east to Bradrick and Proctorville.

“We would be working on sidewalks and streetscaping work in the area where the Ohio Department of Transportation has a major repair drainage,” Kline said. “The target is to take it from there and work as far as the funds take it. That would be a multi-year program in order to take it all on.”

Commission President Bill Pratt sees the project as presenting an important cosmetic improvement for that part of the county.

“At this point, that is the main thoroughfare between Ironton and Rome,” Pratt said. “It is important to make that area attractive, in my opinion. That will help put a better face on Lawrence County for those who travel that route.”


  • Poor Richard

    I am curious, I think someone asked this question one other time but I don’t remember the answer.

    The two bridges on the Chesapeake bypass both had wiring and mounting brackets for street lights but no lights were ever installed. The bridge over Big Branch has since been renovated and I don’t see those mounting plates anymore but the bridge over Symmes Creek still has the mounting plates. Who the heck was suppose to install those street lights and where are they? That would be nice coming into Chesapeake at the 6th street bridge to have vintage lights, don’t know if that is possible. I have always wondered if the lights were on the ODOT contract but never got installed or if ODOT may have used them somewhere else rather than install them where they were meant to go??

    The blue bridge in Chesapeake is a wonderful little bridge but it does need a color update. It would be nice too if the bridge had large concrete planters on each end. Well, I’m just saying.

    If I start at Ironton and drive to Crown City the things that make my hair stand on end is first the Coal Grove exit, not sure why ODOT had to spend two weeks of taxpayer money cutting trees that vehicles would never hit or reach. Now that triangular area looks like crap. The next one is the first red light past the Ashland bridge going east. Ahhhhhh! Can’t we get a very, very high fence for the messes on both sides of Route 7?? Traveling on, the industrial site is very nicely landscaped, good job Bill! Next is in the village of Chesapeake, the homes along symmes creek in that curve before the blue bridge – really, there should not be buildings there at all, that is dangerous. Crossing Symmes creek, oh my, on both sides of Rt 7, oh my again, a few nice clean homes, the rest are nightmares. More nightmares until reaching Proctoville. Junk cars and junk house nightmares. I don’t know why but when I reach the bridge in Proctorville I get an uneasy feeling – too much haphazard crap everywhere, too much traffic, no landscaping or trees, going thru the village of Proctorville, same thing, gee, that is the sign capital of southern Ohio. The bypass is not much better, someone needs to take that guys bulldozer away from him! The bypass needs a major tree planting project – no one wants to look at those houses on piles of mud. Traveling onto Athalia, ahhhhh, some places there need a visit from the Solid Waste officer, same for Miller, can’t we have a much higher fence for that junkyard????? Isn’t it a law that the junk vehicles should not be seen, the fence should be solid?? It is one of the cleaner junkyards I have seen.

    Would be nice to drive thru the county without my hair standing on end. I have to avoid Rt 93 for that reason, too much stress!

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