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Cops training makes our roads safer

Published 9:53am Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The days of only having to worry about motor vehicle operators being impaired by alcohol — which has very recognizable characteristics — have long since passed.

Prescription narcotics, methamphetamine, crack cocaine, marijuana and other drugs are more prevalent than ever and pose significant safety concerns for motorists on our roads.

It is with that in mind that state law enforcement agencies are investing time and money in training many of its officers to be experts at spotting the telltale signs of individuals who are under the influence of drugs other than alcohol.

This is a smart move that reflects the changing times in which we live and could go a long way toward making our communities safer.

Programs like this need to be extended to all community police departments as well so that eventually all law enforcement officers will know what to look for when determining whether or not someone is intoxicated or impaired.

These tests and indicators certainly don’t trump actual scientific evidence from urine and blood samples, but they can point police in the right direction with accuracy percentages near 90 percent.

Operating a motor vehicle is a privilege not a right. Those who do so dangerously and carelessly, with no thought for the safety of others, must be held accountable.



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