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Please think about others before lighting up

Published 9:52am Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Memorial Day weekend has passed and that means the unofficial start of summer is upon us as well.

Our family, as well as many others, will be spending a large amount of our time outside for the next several months. We all look forward to the fresh air and loads of sunshine!

What are we worried about? Second-hand smoke.

While I understand that a smoker has the right to smoke, I firmly believe that right ends when it infringes on my family’s right to breathe. Since my youngest child was born, he has not been able to attend an entire Memorial Day Parade due to smokers around us.

We move away, another lights up elsewhere. My child has a life shortening disease (cystic fibrosis) and even a little smoke exposure can cause an exacerbation and land him in the hospital for at least two weeks.

So, he doesn’t get to be a kid who fully enjoys the parade and summer. That’s not at all fair to him (or his brother or sister, who are forced to leave as well.)

This summer, please wait to light up!

My child looks healthy, but he is not! If you are in public with a large amount of people around… please just wait. Walk away from the crowd if you must smoke, find some information on smoking cessation classes, or wait until you’re in your car.

Please be considerate of others. I’m not advocating we take away your right to smoke, but I’m fully advocating for a child, a family, a community’s right to breathe.

Erica Melvin


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