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Woodland Cemetery’s rules disrespect families

Published 10:37am Thursday, June 6, 2013

On Sunday, May 26, my sister and I took flowers to our mother’s grave at Woodland Cemetery. We left there at 12:30 p.m. When we returned six hours later, the flowers were gone.

Another gentleman there said his mother’s solar lanterns on a shepherd’s hook and flowers were gone he had put on that day. A couple that was there said her stuff was also gone.

These graves are on the Coal Grove side.

The couple had gone to the veterans’ dedication that day and said as soon as that was done she saw the Woodland workers were going around in the truck picking up flowers that were put on graves that day.

So you can’t tell me that they were going to cut grass that day. It is a shame that flowers can’t stay on graves for two days. I know the grass is not cut on that side seven days a week!

If this is the way it is going to be then nobody, including workers nor runners, should be allowed in there. Just keep the gates locked all the time.

Our mother died in 1989. We were told we could not have an upright stone there on that side. So we have taken four shepherd’s hooks up there to put flowers on, but they take them, too! So where are we supposed to put flowers?

I think we need a new cemetery board and other people to run the cemetery. Someone who has a little respect for others.

Regina Justice



It is now 8:30 a.m. on Tuesday, May 28, and I just came from the cemetery. I got there at 8:15 a.m. to retrieve the flowers from my parents’ graves, which I do every year.

Surprise! No flowers.

The cemetery crew had already removed them. Our family stones don’t have vases, so the flowers were on the ground.

Some people put a lot of money in flowers and can use them for several years. Why can’t the powers that be use a little common sense and give at least a day’s grace to remove them. The grass doesn’t need cut, so one day wouldn’t make a bit of difference.

Come on people, start using your heads for something besides a hat rack!

Paul Glanville


  • Poor Richard

    I agree with the commenters, good advice from Bluemule and a sad situation for Geronimo. Bluemule made a good point about all the walkers and runners. Woodland is like a park and many famous cemeteries throughout the country have similiar parklike features where folks picnic and visit. The issue in this cemetery and Rome in Proctorville says to me that these folks have no green space or park where they can walk or run so the cemetery is the next best place. Maybe if city/village/county elected chronies “”PAID ATTENTION”" and placed more importance and respect on green space and open space other than dozing it or thinking its best use is always development — citizens might be happier and healthier!

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  • Bluemule

    I understand that placing flowers on gravesites is one of those time honored traditions, especially on memorial day.
    However, maybe its time to start your own traditions to honor your loved ones, traditions that don’t involve putting flowers on the gravesites. Especially since they are being removed the same day, and stolen in other cases. My tradition is this….since I live out of state from where many of my loved ones are buried….I simply donate a little money to the loved ones favorite charity or church…in their name and memory. Another idea is to buy yourself flowers and place in your home, as a reminder of your loved one. It is sad what it has become, but your not likely to overrule the almighty cemetery board. After all, they have to keep the cemetery in top shape for the approval of the walkers and runners.

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  • Poor Richard

    We have relatives buried at Rome Cemetery and Union Hill -there are thieves that frequent both of those cemeteries too plus the groundskeepers cut our shrubs at Rome and they have cut every tree in sight.

    The low life’s that take the flowers, pots and other things likely sell them at flea markets. we are trying to come up with a way to track them using GPS hidden in the pots. I think it is doable.

    It is sad when we reach the point of needing security guards posted at our cemeteries. My family will likely start a family cemetery on our own land just so we don’t have to deal with all the nonsense of groundskeepers and thieves.

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  • Geronimo

    I’m in agreement with both Regina and Paul. Some of my Wifes Mother and father are buried in the Ironton area part (Front)row. I know a few people steal and sell the flowers , but the cemetery masters need to keep closer watch and the employees , as well as the managers need to be more respectful. As over seers set and publish days when flowers need to be removed , and allow a few extra days for Memorial Day and other days. My mother and Grandparents are buried at Mamre and I can count on fingers of one hand how many times this has happened there in over 25 years. Ironton (Woodland) is such a beautiful cemetery lets have a little more respect for the folks that have loved ones remains there.

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