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Coaches All-District Softball

Published 1:55am Monday, June 10, 2013

2013 Southeast District

H.S. Softball Coaches’ Team

Division I

First Team

Player, School Gr.

Rylee Bouillion, Chillicothe 12

(District Player of the Year & All-Ohio First Team)

Morgan Robinette, Logan 11 (All-Ohio 2nd Team)

Chianna Smitley, Chillicothe 11

Nicole Beck, Logan 11

Honorable Mention

Faith Freeman, Logan 10

Alyssa Zaayer, Logan 11

Brianna Dawes, Chillicothe 10

Haylee Large, Chillicothe 9


Division II

First Team

Player, School Gr.

Gina Wright, Unioto 10 (SE District Player of the Year & All-Ohio 1st Team)

Tana Williams, Circleville 11 (All-Ohio 1st Team)

Mandy Grambo, Logan Elm 11 (All-Ohio 2nd Team)

Kendra Lynch, Warren 11 (All-Ohio 2nd Team)

Lindsay Ward, Waverly 11 All-Ohio Honorable Mention

Courtney Hanna, Fairfield Union 12 (All-Ohio Honorable Mention)

Cierra Landrum, McClain 12

Kari Jenkins, Jackson 12

Courtney Plaisted, Sheridan 12

Ari Mabra, Miami Trace 12

Tatam Brown, New Lexington 10

Violet Pelfrey, Gallia Academy 11

Sara Lentz, Washington C.H. 12

Hailey Murdock, Warren 11

Taylor Saxton, Logan Elm

Brooke Blevins, Unioto 12

Kaitlyn Brown, South Point 11

Taylor Moberly, Hillsboro 12

Coach of the Year

Brad Jadwin, Unioto

Second Team

Ashley Buckalew, Fairfield 12

Kara Carpenter, Marietta 12

Sara Crist, Sheridian 12

Darbi Brewer, Circleville 10

Kayla Riffe, Waverly 11

Ashtin Worneldorf, Vinton Co. 12

Shania Massie, McClain 12

Olivia Hoon, Athens 10

Nieva Wilson, Miami Trace 12

Kristen Hayes, Washington C.H. 12

Mikala Perry, Athens 11

Abby Winkler, South Point 10

Michaela Criner, Fairfield 9

Brandi Dougless, Warren 11

Kaylee Higgins, Warren 11

Maggie Westfall, Gallipolis 11

Kendra Barres, Gallipolis 10

Maddy Conrad, Logan Elm 10

Honorable Mention

Maddie Farrar, Marietta 12

Sydney Grooms, Miami Trace 12

Bridget Leisure, Miami Trace 12

Kelsie Mays, Waverly 12

Lauren Streitenberger, Waverly 12

Alli Willett, McClain 11

Morgan Dettwiller, McClain 12

Sydney Wyanski, New Lexington 12

Lindsey Koonts, New Lexington 12

Haley Rawlins, South Point 9

Sylvia Griffith, South Point 10

Amanda Plaisted, Sheridan 9

Emily Snider, Sheridan 12

Wendy Hawk, Washington C.H. 9

Kristen Hayes, Washington C.H. 12

Olivia Harris, Athens 10

Kacee Jenkins, Jackson 10

Kelly Hughes,Jackson 12

Megan Cochran, Gallipolis 12

Hanna Breedan, Hillsboro 9

Haylee Wehrung, Hillsboro 11

Regenia Schrader, Vinton Co. 11

Cayla Allen, Vinton Co. 9

Sara Owings, Vinton Co. 9

Natalie Neff, Unioto

Ashley Flantt, Unioto

Kirklynn Rossiter, Fairfield

A.J. Fnul, Circleville


Division III

1st Team

Player, School Gr,

Morgan Geno, Zane Trace 10 (SE District Player of the Year)

(All-Ohio 1st Team)

Chelsea McManaway, Wellston 11 (All-Ohio 1st Team)

Michal Cunningham, Wheelersburg 9 (All-Ohio 1st Team)

Maria Johnson, Eastern Brown 12 (All –Ohio 2nd Team)

Kayla Koch, Valley 11 (All-Ohio 2nd Team)

Kelsey Conkey, Minford 11 (All-Ohio 2nd Team)

Brooke Cooper, Valley 12 (All-Ohio Honorable Mention)

Peighton Williams, Portsmouth 10 (All-Ohio Honorable Mention)

Kayla Siegla, Eastern Brown 10 (All-Ohio Honorable Mention)

Tess Phelps, Meigs 12

Alayna Lytle, Huntington 10

Gina Rosshirt, Westfall 11

Hayleigh Swain, Peebles 12

Adriann Dunn, Piketon 10

Taylor Dempsey, Wheelersburg 10

Alex Kuhn, Oak Hill 12

Rebekkah Potter, Ironton 12

Kenzie Martin, Rock Hill 10

Haley Woodall, Fairland 12

Chelsea Copley, River Valley 10

Coach of the Year Dennis Forsythe, Eastern Brown

Division III

2nd Team

Alyssa Hook, Nelsonville-York 12

Tonia Givens, Adena 12

Hanna Cremeans, Ports. West 11

Joann Saultz, Zane Trace 12

Jade Spriggs, North Adams 9

Kendall Meeks, Alexander 9

Chandler Fulks, Fairland 11

Morgan Sites, Coal Grove 11

Alex Ridout, Portsmouth West 11

Shania Irvin, Huntington 11

Kayla Tackett, Westfall 11

Madisyn Creighton, Lynch. Clay 10

Miranda Melvin, Oak Hill 12

Kasie Zimmerman, Piketon 11

Erin Riley, Paint Valley 11

Shanea Long, Wellston 12

Sami Nixon, Rock Hill 11

Maegen Lynn, Northwest 12

Kelsey Huff, Chesapeake 9

Noel Mershon, River Valley 12

Honorable Mention

Logan Bowdle, Adena 12

Alyssa Dawson, Adena 12

Jordyn Pennington, Minford 11

Abby Fuhaman, Minford 11

Tressa Carter, Minford 9

Lacie Stanforth, Paint Valley 11

Cheyanne Lightfoot, Paint Valley 11

Taylor Waugh, Paint Valley 11

Ashley Cheesbrew, River Valley 12

Libby Leach, River Valley 11

Taelor Folden, Wellston

Jordan Davis, Wellston

Raegan Reyes, Wheelersburg 9

Mallory Newsome, Wheelrsburg 12

Melanie Noble, Chesapeake 9

Laura Rice, Chesapeake 9

Anna Mayo, Chesapeake 12

Lacey Benner, Portsmouth 10

Justice Swords, Portsmouth 10

Jada Jenkins, Portsmouth 10

Meagn Shupert, Prts. West 10

Bobbi Jo Howard, Prts. West 11

McKenzie Whittaker, Prts. West 10

Hannah Spohn, Oak Hill 12

D’Lani Swackhammer, Zane Trace 9

Montana Fry, Zane Trace 10

Brooke Hanshaw, Rock Hill 11

Brooke Eastham, Rock Hill 11

Brooke Happeney, Huntington 11

Baylee DePugh, Huntington 10

Saige Fields, Ironton 11

Andi Kratzenberg, Ironton 12

Karlee McMackin, Ironton 12

Alisa Kelley, Nelsonville-York 9

Shelby True, Nelsonville-York 12

Abby Talbert, Nelsonville-York 12

Chelsey Stanley, Fairland 12

Ellen Hinshaw, Fairland 10

Kaitlynn Murphy, Coal Grove 11

Deanna Bentley, Coal Grove 10

Regan Stonerock, Westfall 9

Cass Williams, Westfall 10

Bailee Allman, Piketon 12

Morgan Merritt, Piketon 11

Brook Andrus, Meigs 10

Delilah Fish, Meigs 12

Allyson Davis, Meigs 12


Division IV

First Team

Player, School Gr.

Kiley Sosby, Whiteoak 10

(All-Ohio 1st Team)

Marissa Messer, Clay 12 (All-Ohio 1st Team)

Kaitlyn Payne, Symmes Valley 9 (All-Ohio 1st Team)

Jessie Monroe, East 12 (All-Ohio 2nd Team)

Tori Goble, Eastern Meigs 12 (All-Ohio 2nd Team)

Shelby Smithson, Fairfield 11 (All-Ohio 2nd Team)

Brianna Finck, Crooksville 12 (All-Ohio Honorable Mention)

Autumn Griffith, Clay 12 (All-Ohio Honorable Mention)

Maggie Cummings, Southern 12 (All-Ohio Honorable Mention)

Ashton Cale, Federal Hocking 11

Alley Tackett, Eastern Pike 12

Hannah Offenberger, Waterford 12

Tori Harr, Notre Dame 11

Megan Caldwell, South Gallia 12

Madi Phillips, Notre Dame 11

Kearstin Carroll, W. Latham 12

Jenna Crawford,Green 12

Miranda Pauley, Notre Dame 12

Coach of the Year

J.D. Whitman , Notre Dame

Second Team

Kiki Osborn, Eastern Meigs 12

Tia Savage, Trimble 11

Katy Stevenson, Notre Dame 11

Halie Chain, Fairfield 11

Morgan Johnson, Manchester 9

Mollie Miller, Belpre 12

Micah Lewis, Green 11

Stephanie Brown,, Sym Valley 9

Madison Sprankle, Crooksville 12

Mikayla Burns, Whiteoak 12

Demi Moore, Trimble 12

Kyrie Swann, Southern 12

Laura Hill, Waterford 11

Ariel Loop, East 11

Liz Jackson, Western Latham 11

Darian Diddle, Southern 11

Grace Edwards, Eastern Meigs 10

Brett Himes, Manchester 11

Honorable Mention

Casey Hurst, Crooksville 9

Kaitlyn Mills, Crooksville 9

Jaclyn Mees, Southern 12

Kelsey Pratt, Belpre 11

Arielle Gramkow, Belpre 12

Jayde Heiss, Waterford 12

Tori Pyatt, Waterford 12

Kaitlin Evans, Fairfield 10

Arica Melson, Fairfield 10

Brookelyn Newell, East 12

Brooklyn Meadows, East 11

Ellie Bostic, South Gallia 12

Caitlyn Vanscoy, South Gallia 9

Shelby Sanders, South Gallia 10

Paige Cline, Eastern Meigs 11

Carley Tabler, Federal Hocking 10

Charlee Cobb, Federal Hocking 11

Kendyl Furner, Federal Hocking 11

Brook Henley, Manchester 10

Mallorie Williams, W. Latham 9

Erin Brewster, Western Latham 9

Tiara Hatfield, Symmes Valley 9

Autumn Keathley, Symes Valley 10

Erin Imes, Green 12

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