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All-SOC Baseball & Softball

Published 2:17am Monday, June 24, 2013

2013 all-Southern Ohio Conference Baseball


First Team

Mitch Corn (Symmes Valley), Tanner Mays (Symmes Valley), Alec Herrell (Symmes Valley), Michael Mader (Portsmouth Notre Dame), Will Haney (Portsmouth Notre Dame), Clay Applegate (Green), Caleb Johnson (Green), Justin Crager (Sciotoville East), Bailey Henderson (Western), Zach Jackson (Portsmouth Clay), Tyler Edler (Pike Eastern), Jordan Moore (New Boston)


Second Team

D.J. Miller (Symmes Valley), Dylan Pelletier (Symmes Valley), Jack Kayser (Portsmouth Notre Dame), Jacob Milani (Portsmouth Notre Dame), Rob Applegate (Green), Shain Seibert (Sciotoville East), Dakota Garrett (Western), Jacob Crosier (Portsmouth Clay), Ben Hessen (Pike Eastern), Brendan Herrforth (New Boston)

Player of the Year — Michael Mader (Portsmouth Notre Dame)

Pitcher of the Year — Mitch Corn (Symmes Valley)

Coach of the Year — Chad Renfroe (Symmes Valley)

League records — Symmes Valley (14-0), Portsmouth Notre Dame (12-2), Green (10-4), Portsmouth Clay (5-9), Sciotoville East (5-9), Western (5-9), Pike Eastern (4-10), New Boston (1-13)



First Team

Garrett Carmichael (Wheelersburg), Derek Moore (Wheelersburg), Camron Parsley (Wheelersburg), Pierce Knisley (Waverly), Tyler Nartker (Waverly), Will Howard (Valley), Nate Arnett (Valley), Drew Haislop (Oak Hill), Colton Cox (Oak Hill), Luke Morgan (Portsmouth West), Eli Duduit (Minford), Matt Penix (Northwest), Lance Swords (South Webster)

Second Team

Ben Arnold (Wheelersburg), Wade Martin (Wheelersburg), Adam Tiu (Waverly), Paul Underwood (Waverly), C.J. Burk (Valley), Brady Knittel (Portsmouth West), Waylon Boggs(Oak Hill), Eli Daniels (Minford), Flip Cassidy (Northwest), Brody Queen (South Webster)

Player of the Year — Garrett Carmichael (Wheelersburg)

Pitcher of the Year — Derek Moore (Wheelersburg)

Coach of the Year — Michael Estep (Wheelersburg)

League records — Wheelersburg (14-0), Waverly (11-3), Valley (8-6), Oak Hill (8-6), West (6-8), Minford (6-8), Northwest (2-12), South Webster (1-13)


2013 all-Southern Ohio Conference Softball


First Team

Tori Harr (Portsmouth Notre Dame), Miranda Pauley (Portsmouth Notre Dame), Madi Phillips (Portsmouth Notre Dame), Marissa Messer (Portsmouth Clay), Autumn Griffith (Portsmouth Clay), Jenna Crawford (Green), Erin Imes (Green), Ally Tackett (Pike Eastern), Kearstin Carroll (Western), Kaitlyn Payne (Symmes Valley), Jessie Monroe (Sciotoville East), Hannah Bender (New Boston)

Second Team

Katie Stevenson (Portsmouth Notre Dame), Sammie Marting (Portsmouth Notre Dame), Jessica Moore (Portsmouth Clay), Alisha Shepherd (Portsmouth Clay), Micah Lewis (Green), Anna Staker (Pike Eastern), Erin Brewster (Western), Stephanie Brown (Symmes Valley), Brooklyn Newell (Sciotoville East), Kiersten McGraw (New Boston)

Player of the Year — Marissa Messer (Portsmouth Clay)

Pitcher of the Year — Tori Harr (Portsmouth Notre Dame)

Coach of the Year — J.D. Whitman (Portsmouth Notre Dame)

League Records — Portsmouth Notre Dame (14-0), Portsmouth Clay (12-2), Green (9-5), Pike Eastern (6-8), Symmes Valley (6-8), Western (5-9), Sciotoville East (4-10), New Boston (0-14)



First Team

Kelsey Conkey (Minford), Jordyn Pennington (Minford), Abby Fuhrmann (Minford), Kayla Koch (Valley), Brooke Cooper (Valley), Lindsay Ward (Waverly), Kayla Riffe (Waverly), Michal Cunningham (Wheelersburg), Kayla Webb (Portsmouth West), Miranda Melvin (Oak Hill), Maegan Lynn (Northwest), Haylee Murphy (South Webster)

Second Team

Elizabeth Brisker (Minford), Ali Allen (Minford), Bethany Conley (Valley), Emily Richard (Valley), Kelsie Mays (Waverly), Taylor Dempsey (Wheelersburg), Allie Hoggard (Portsmouth West), Alex Kuhn (Oak Hill), Katie Moore (Northwest), Kaci Messer (South Webster)

Player of the Year — Kayla Koch (Valley)

Pitcher of the Year — Abby Welch (Portsmouth West)

Coach of the Year — Greg Kritzwiser (Waverly)

League Records — Minford (12-2), Valley (11-3), Waverly (10-4), Wheelersburg (9-5), Portsmouth West (8-6), Oak Hill (4-10), Northwest (2-12), South Webster (0-14)

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