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Does S.C. have ‘zombie voters’?

Published 10:28am Friday, July 26, 2013

Like many states with Republican majorities in state legislatures, South Carolina passed new voter identification restrictions in 2012 prior to the presidential election.

The essence of the South Carolina law, as articulated by South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson stated “…it was written to protect citizens from fraudulent activity in the electoral process. It is important that the voters of our state have faith in the process by which we elect our leaders. So that was its original intent.” (Fox News Jan. 12, 2012, Lou Dobbs).

Wilson specifically cited a significant number of examples of zombie voters “… we found out that there were over 900 people who died and then subsequently voted. That number could be even higher than that…”

Well who would not support this effort to stem the flood of fake voters attempting to influence the outcome of elections?

Dead people voting has always been held up Chicago 1960 politics as the gold standard of such corruption, but almost a thousand fake votes in South Carolina in one election? Maybe South Carolina was too slow in passing more restrictive laws.

Now there are critics of the South Carolina law who argue that the state is solving a problem that does not exist, or that some minority voters will be negatively impacted by the ID requirements.

State Attorney General addressed both concerns on Fox news programs focused upon voter polling fraud. Wilson noted that the law would, in his words, have only a “minimal effect” upon elderly voters and minorities.

On the issue of naming the problem, the 900 plus zombie voters, cited with absolute certainty by the states’ highest legal official, made that rationale perfectly clear.

And yet, this week U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder announced that the Justice Department will investigate the efficacy of several states’ newly restrictive voter laws, including South Carolina, a state previously named as covered by the Voting Rights Act and now free to make revisions following a Supreme Court ruling this year.

The problem is the claims of dead people voting in South Carolina are not exactly truthful as presented by Attorney General Wilson on Fox News.

The South Carolina State Law Enforcement Division (SLED) conducted a 13-month review of voter fraud, a 476-page report that was only released after a Freedom of Information Act request.

As it turns out, the specific claim of 953 votes placed by dead people was not in any one year, but over a seven-year period including 74 elections.

Further, only a handful of votes remain in question after identifying clerical errors or cases of mistaken identities.

In 97 cases a son had the same name as a deceased father and poll workers mixed up the dead father with the living son.

In 56 cases there were data matching errors where the DMV mismatched birth dates and names with voter records.

There were several other clerical errors cited in the lengthy report, a report that concluded only five votes remained unresolved after investigation.


So why would South Carolina still wish to change voting requirements that would admittedly have a “minimal” negative effect upon elderly and minority votes with no benefit to reduce voting fraud, a problem that factually the state does not have in evidence?

Would not every state want more citizens voting, even if only minimal reductions could occur by changing requirements?

Apparently, several states, all oddly in Republican government, do not seek more but fewer voters. Why would that be the case?

Could it be that some Republican leaders have noted that in presidential years, when voter turnout is highest, Republicans fare more poorly in elections? Consequently, lower voter turnout, particularly among voters who are not likely Republican voters, is, dare it be said, a good thing for Republicans?

Facts matter and states making voting more difficult have only one set of facts: They benefit by denying some voters the right to vote.


Jim Crawford is a retired educator and political enthusiast living here in the Tri-State.



  1. mikehaney

    I’m a lefty and for social justice and I need your vote at the polls!! Sure dude; vote?? Where do you do that and how many times can I vote?? .

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  2. keta

    low information young Americans have voted for the fundamental change of our society, including our stellar healthcare

    Oh, brother. Perhaps by “stellar healthcare” this moonbat means “the most expensive health care in the world” . With results that trail behind universal health care countries according to every measurable statistic, despite the anecdotes right-wingers parrot on the internet. This is so tiresome; I’m looking at 79tiger’s comment that it is “the Democrats and leftists in this country that are the racists and communists”. Let’s consider that. You’re a leftist if you support social equality. For example, the civil rights movement was a leftist movement, because it was about the rights of minorities. On the opposite end of the spectrum, you’re a racist if you believe that a specific group is inferior to others. Leftists aren’t racists. Racists aren’t leftists. If you think it’s possible to be both, then you don’t understand what one or both of those words mean.

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  3. mikehaney

    Sure, American students volunteer for community service in their respective schools but they do it because they want, in their hearts, to make a difference, they are not forced to do so, away from their families and with little food and water. And now, we are going to copy Castro’s shameful model of uncivilized society because low information young Americans have voted for the fundamental change of our society, including our stellar healthcare. With millions of unemployed Americans, the highest number of welfare recipients in history, and the national debt galloping to its $19 billion point of no return, how is that working out so far?–Dr Paugh

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  4. keta

    Believe as you must

    It’s not a matter of ‘believing’. I wouldn’t know you if I met you, but something I know ABOUT you is that you’re a person with no curiosity. If you were really interested in politics and history, curiosity would demand that you learn about them.

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  5. 79Tiger

    Believe as you must Keta but it is the Democrats and leftists in this country that are the racists and communists. Enjoy your hatred.

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  6. keta

    The KKK were Democrats and the Fascists/Nazis were socialists

    LOL…in the nineteenth century, Democrats were pro-slavery and Republicans like Lincoln were anti-slavery. So, the KKK were Democrats….a couple of centuries ago. By the time the Civil Rights Act was passed, and institutionalized racism was outlawed, these “Dixiecrats” had scuttled into the republican tent, where they could feel comfortable. And the Nazi Party was the polar opposite of socialist, regardless of what Nazis called themselves. There was no nationalization. There were no new social programs. Only on the wingnut internet does the name “National Socialist Party” mean that Nazis were, in fact, socialists. A lot of skinheads who get all their information there aren’t clear on what “socialist” means, which is the only possible reason anyone would believe Nazis were socialists.

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  7. 79Tiger

    Keta: The KKK were Democrats and the Facists/Nazi’s were socialists.

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  8. keta

    dems-libs-Obama-Ho Chi Minh

    Conservatives-right wing-teabaggers-KKK-Fascists-Neo Nazis: The basic identifier of right wing extremists is their nonbelief in the basic equality of human beings. Once you toss that out, awful things follow, without exception. Just following orders!

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  9. mikehaney

    dems-libs-Obama-Ho Chi Minh

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  10. keta

    If you want to vote, register, then get a $9 dollar ID

    Bull. Ever notice how states that are trying to pass laws to restrict voting keep finding examples of “voter fraud” that turn out to be baseless? There are cases of election fraud – in which the election officials knowingly produced a fraudulent result – but actual voter fraud, when investigated, is laughably rare. It’s an excuse for making it hard for some people to vote; usually the poor, students, African Americans. i.e. Democratic voters. It’s goofy to pretend not to understand this. It’s goofier to pretend it’s a piece of cake for these people to track down an original birth certificate (or passport, LOL) along with other forms of identification. It often involves bus rides, standing in lines, internet access, etc. The point is, they’re forcing people who haven’t failed to cast their vote in years to jump through these hoops using bogus data like the data Crawford describes in his article. Ah, republicans – what a strategy! Go ahead, be the party of voter suppression, the party that persecutes minorities, women, immigrants, the poor – everyone who’s struggling. Be the big old smelly foot on our necks, because that works so well in national elections.

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  11. mikehaney

    As Jim Crawford ignores 99% of all other instances of voter fraud.
    If you want to vote, register, then get a $9 dollar ID which will be donated to you if needed.

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