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Garden could still find roots in community

Published 9:32am Friday, August 2, 2013

Ironically, it seems that the old adage that “a few bad apples spoil the whole bunch” has held true when it comes to the Ironton Community Garden.

A new initiative this year, the garden was designed to allow individuals who don’t have the space to plant a garden at their own home to still do so right here in Ironton.

Unfortunately, thieves have hit it hard, stealing many of the crops that local gardeners and organizations that include Shawnee Mental Health have planted. This is certainly disappointing but shouldn’t be so discouraging that it kills the roots of this concept.

This simply means that some measures will have to be put in place and more will have to be done to keep the garden secure. Locking the gates may be the first step. Security cameras mounted high enough they cannot be reached may be another.

But, most importantly, the individuals using the garden, citizens who live in the neighborhood and everyone who drives by has to take ownership and help keep our community safe.

We cannot allow the lowest common denominators of our society dictate how we live. This is still a viable concept that can help bring the community closer together and enrich the lives of some citizens as well as put food on the table.

Nothing about that has changed just because a few bad apples.



  • mikehaney

    Does anyone remember the Juvenile court judge in office as a juvenile?
    I do, and my friends knew her also. I and none of my friends had the pleasure ending up in her court. We knew of her reputation from other less disciplined children.

    Or maybe from our parents. Anyway, this was done by juveniles, mean adults or common thieves. The common thief you can’t do much but catch and punish. The juvenile must be taught from a young age by his/her parents. Are we winning or losing the battle?

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  • Poor Richard

    Well, for someone to steal crops is interesting, they are either hungry or selling them at a road side stand or farmers market for money. Guess they are too lazy to cultivate their own garden plot.

    Wouldn’t it be grand to hide and catch them in the act? Video tape would be good to put on the internet for everyone to see their crime. Must be the same idiots that steal flower pots from cemeteries. I still think putting a GPS chip in some of these things will help track them down so they can be prosecuted.

    The garden is lovely, by the way. Citizens should be very proud of all their hard work!

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  • mickakers

    A good and timely article.

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