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The Point vital for all of county

Published 2:03pm Wednesday, August 7, 2013

It will be another victory for The Point industrial park when Minova opens its new facility there and adds as many as 100 jobs. However, make no mistake about it, this is also a success for Lawrence County.

Far too often, a segment of the community views growth at the industrial park as not being a big deal and that it isn’t beneficial to the county seat of Ironton. An even more closed-minded view is that it is actually detrimental to the city because it could have been located there.

Those viewpoints couldn’t be more off base.

Any development that is going to add that many jobs should be welcomed to the county, regardless of where a specific business decides to locate.

Dr. Bill Dingus and the Lawrence Economic Development Corporation have had tremendous success in developing the industrial park. Not every lead has led to a home run but the successes have been far greater than the failures.

Now, the next step will be to bring that same development approach to the city of Ironton, something that appears to already be in the works with the Ninth Street project and other efforts to market available buildings and property. The Point didn’t get to where it is overnight. It has taken roughly a decade of hard work to get there.

The county has a strong foundation of industry in South Point that can be built upon to have an even greater impact across the entire region.


  • mikehaney

    Good news for Lawrence County.

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  • Poor Richard

    I recently drove by the industrial park on the old road and was amazed at the amount of construction and new industries. I see a future expansion for downtown South Point in eateries to feed all those hungry workers and other businesses that would cater to the new businesses. Good Job, Dr. Dingus, you have made tremendous progress!

    Hopefully after the Point is nearly filled to capacity Dr. Dingus can take his expertise into the Ironton Industrial park where I would see future growth for both Ironton and Coal Grove.

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  • swampcreature

    Ironton has definitely waited a long time for its share of the wealth. Once the driving force of the county’s economy, Ironton is now a pocket of poverty holding the county back.

    Who is responsible for the city’s decline? How can a county’s economy move forward when its only city is just a shell of its proud past?

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