Police Reports — 8/8/13

Published 9:24am Thursday, August 8, 2013

Sheriff’s office

Assault — 20 block Township Road 1105, Proctorville, July 25, man alleged he was assaulted by two men while they were drinking together, deputy observed bruising around the victim’s face and a busted lip, Michael Faulkner, 43, of 396 County Road 70 Lot 48, Proctorville, and Bryan Montroso, 46, of 51 Township Road 1231, Proctorville, arrested.

Assault — Country Hearth Inn, South Point, July 25, man alleged another man slapped him over a bet on a video game, Derek Buckner, 34, with an address listed at the hotel, summonsed to court.

Domestic violence — 30 block Township Road 1022, South Point, July 27, man alleged wife slapped him 10 times and pinched his chest, deputy reported victim’s face red, Sara Gutzmer, 36, of the same address, arrested.

Domestic violence — 200 block Township Road 1026, South Point, July 28, woman alleged husband threw her on the couch and twisted her arm, woman alleged she is afraid for her and her children’s safety, Ryann Smith, 22, of the same address, arrested.

Theft — 100 block Township Road 1057, Proctorville, July 28, woman reported pills taken from residence.

Theft — A Private Drive off County Road 22, Ironton, July 19, riding and push lawnmowers taken.

Burglary — 5900 block State Route 243, Ironton, July 19, bedridden woman reported $735 take from safe in her home and alleged the only people in her home were healthcare workers.

Domestic violence — 6200 block County Road 6, Kitts Hill, July 19, woman alleged her cousin threw her against a tree, choked her and pulled her hair, deputy reported the victim had a black eye and scratches on her face.

Domestic violence — 1600 block County Road 1, South Point, man alleged wife slapped him in the head for no reason and alleged she took his wallet and medication.

Felonious assault — 8100 block County Road 15, Chesapeake, July 23, man alleged an unknown male walking by his home asked for a cigarette, the victim gave the suspect a cigarette and the suspect stabbed him twice, negative contact with suspect.

Burglary — Private Drive off State Route 243, Ironton, July, 23, window air unit, shoes, DVD player taken from home.

Burglary — 9700 block County Road 1, South Point, back glass sliding door of apartment broken, TV, safe with $860 and jewelry box taken.



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