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Morgan medalist at Ridgley Tournament

Published 12:39am Monday, August 12, 2013

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HUNTINGTON, W.Va. — The tournament went to Cabell Midland, but Brent Morgan was able to take a bow.

The Coal Grove Hornets’ golfer came away with medalist honors as well as an all-tournament team award during Friday’s Duke Ridgley High School Golf Invitational at the Guyan Country Club.

Morgan shot a 70 to lead the Hornets who finished ninth in the 12-team field. Luke McGraw shot a 95 and Brandon Adkins had a 102 for the Hornets.

Midland won the tournament with a 220 team score followed by Huntington with a 228.

The Chesapeake Panthers were third with a 230 team score. Drew Oxley shot a 73 and Derrick Lemley a 74 to earn all-tournament honors. Shane Stevens had an 83 and Jacob Henson finished with a 96.

The Fairland Dragons were 10th overall. Bailey Manns led the Dragons with a 92 followed by Hunter Schenewark with a 94, Hayden James a 99 and Tyler Blake a 102.

Here are the results:

Team Scoring: 1, Cabell Midland 220; 2, Huntington 228; 3, Chesapeake 230; 4, St. Joe 244; 5, Cabell Midland JV 255; 6 (tie), Wayne 258, Spring Valley 258; 8, Hurricane 263; 9, Coal Grove 267; 10, Fairland 285; 11, Spring Valley JV 287; 12, St Joe JV 287.

Medalist: Brent Morgan, Coal Grove, 70

All-tournament: Brent Morgan, Coal Grove; Seth Kinke, Cabell-Midland; Mark Wilcox, Cabell Midland; Hutton Light, Cabell Midland; Thomas Frazier, Huntington; Nick Nolan, Huntington; Drew Oxley, Chesapeake; Derrick Lemley, Chesapeake.

Cabell Midland: Seth Kinker 71, Mark Wilcox 74, Hutton Light 75, Luke Smith 83.

Huntington: Thomas Frazier 73, Fisher Cross 79, Nick Nolan 76, Garrett Toppins 95.

Chesapeake: Drew Oxley 73, Shane Stevens 83, Derrick Lemley 74, Jacob Henson 96.

St. Joe: Brian Conaty 78, Rainell Lansang 78, Kaylie Day 88, Adam Fleckenstein 95.

Cabell Midand JV: Zach Chapman 81, Mason Browning 92, Noah Mullens 82, Madison Sargent 97.

Wayne: Nate Earl 77, Brett Justice 87, Justin Crockett 109, Ryan Mills 94.

Spring Valley: Colton Brumfield 77, Calvin Hinchman 90, Josh Steele 91, TJ Hamilton 99.

Hurricane: Justin Crouch 88, James Snavely 86, Cam Dunmire 93, Adam Lambert 89.

Coal Grove; Luke McGraw 95, Brent Morgan 70, Brandon Adkins 102.

Fairland: Hayden James 99, Tyler Blake 102, Bailey Manns 92, Hunter Schenewark 94.

Spring Valley JV: Stephen Shy 99, Fred Smith 89, Brandon Morrone 100, Sam Brody 99.

St. Joe JV: Phoenix Huron 103, Jonathan Armstead 99, Maria Vance 108, Gabe Giomalo WD.

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