Police Reports – 8/16/13

Published 11:14am Friday, August 16, 2013

Sheriff’s office

Domestic violence — Country Hearth Motel, South Point, Aug. 5, woman and man arrested for allegedly assaulting each other; deputy reported both were allegedly intoxicated and both had visible injuries; Scott Wroczynski, 53, and Dorothy King, 51, both of Room 126, charged with domestic violence.

Aggravated menacing — Grandview Inn, South Point, Aug. 9, motel clerk alleged a tenant threatened her with a baseball bat after she told him he could not run an extension cord outside of his room; Jerry Stephenson, 52, of Room 128, arrested.

Petty theft, misuse of credit card — 12000 block State Route 141, Kitts Hill, Aug. 9, credit card taken from residence.

Domestic violence — 3800 block County Road 12, Proctorville, Aug. 9, man alleged ex-wife punched him in the eye; deputy reported seeing visible cut over eye; Jamie Qualls, 31, of 7714 County Road 1, South Point, arrested.

Domestic violence, juvenile offences — 500 Township Road 138, Ironton, Aug. 10, man alleged his son broke the back window of his car, kicked his truck and punched a hole in the wall while trying to hit him; juvenile taken to group home.

Menacing — 3700 block County Road 64, Willow Wood, Aug. 10, man alleged neighbor threatened to beat him up; Velma Hughes, 34, of 3714 County Road 64, arrested.

Using weapons while intoxicated, aggravated burglary, felonious assault — 10000 County Road 1, Chesapeake, deputy responded to a call of shots fired; man alleged a man and woman came into his garage and held a shotgun to his head; man said he fought the couple off and took the gun and drove away to call the police; deputy reported the woman standing outside her father’s home with a shotgun and would not put it down, saying she was shooting it off into the air; woman took gun in the house and came back outside; deputy reported the couple was intoxicated; gun was taken as evidence and a knife was found in the yard; woman allegedly said she wanted to kill the victim because he was the “enemy;” Christopher Timmins, 34, address list as the City Mission, and Gloria Cline, 39, of South Point, arrested.

Domestic violence — 400 block Township Road 1110, Proctorville, Aug. 11, man alleged his live-in girlfriend became violent with him; Ramona Miller, 50, of the same address, arrested.

Menacing — 3700 block County Road 64, Willow Wood, Aug. 11, woman alleged neighbor threatened to kill her; Fred Watts Jr., 43, of 3712 County Road 64, arrested.

Possession of drugs and drug paraphernalia, tampering with evidence — 14000 State Route 7, Proctorville, Aug. 11, caller advised of woman walking on roadway; deputy reported smelling alcohol on woman’s breath; woman allegedly tried to eat marijuana that was in her pocket; woman also allegedly had a marijuana pipe; Helen Shortridge, 55, of 38 Private Drive 14870, Proctorville, arrested.

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