Police Reports — 8/22/13

Published 11:12am Thursday, August 22, 2013

Sheriff’s office

Burglary — 10 block Township Road 1403, South Point, Aug. 1, woman called sheriff’s office after coming home to find her front door open and TV missing; home security footage allegedly showed the woman’s grandson and another male walking around the home and checking for locked doors; a short time later the video allegedly showed the unknown male trying to break into a window when he noticed the camera; the male allegedly tried to turn the camera away; deputy reported the new view on the camera showed a truck and the two males carrying the TV to the truck; the males were arrested the next day at the Grandview Inn in South Point; Justin Shelton, 22, of Room 301, and Michael Omasta, of Route 3 Box 363, Fort Gay, W.Va., arrested.

Theft — 50 block Township Road 616, South Point, July 28, lawn mower taken.

Assault — 100 block Township Road 1086 South Point, July 24, woman alleged her neighbor was making threats to “shoot the place up;” while deputy was on site, suspect allegedly came out of her apartment and charged the victim; Crystal Guerro, 34, of 164 Township Road 1086, arrested.

Assault — Grandview Inn, South Point, Aug. 12, man alleged neighbor hit him with a wheelchair; Thad Ward, 41, of 1815 Sumers St., Flatwoods, Ky., arrested.

Domestic violence, resisting arrest — Private Drive, Chesapeake, Aug. 10, man alleged wife came at him with a kitchen knife and cut his stomach; woman allegedly resisted arrest; Angela Lewis, 39, of the same address, arrested.

Domestic violence — South Point, Aug. 13, man alleged ex-wife tried to run him over with her car; Toni Walters, 36, of 143 Township Road 1346, Chesapeake, arrested.

Escape — County Road 181, Ironton, Aug. 7, work crew officer reported inmate working his court-ordered clean up duty walked away and got in a vehicle without permission; be-on-the-lookout issued.

Domestic violence — Clarks BP, Proctorville, Aug. 10, woman alleged mother approached her in the vehicle she was sitting in and tried to strike her with a stun gun; negative contact with suspect.

Burglary — 700 block County Road 3, Chesapeake, TV taken from residence.

Breaking and entering — 300 block County Road 1, South Point, Aug. 11, chainsaw, eight fishing poles, tool box with tools taken from out building.

Petty theft — Murphy’s Gas Station, South Point, Aug. 11, suspect allegedly took a drink from the cooler and about 20 DVDs without paying.

Theft of motor vehicle — 9000 block County Road 5, Pedro, Aug. 12, ATV taken.

Burglary — 90 block Township Road 1161, Proctorville, Aug. 12, pistol, digital camera, $30 taken from residence.

Breaking and entering — Rome Cemetery Office, Proctorville, Aug. 13, door to office pried open, office ransacked, items damaged.

Theft — County Road 107, Proctorville, Aug. 12, vehicle for sale on Dollar General parking lot missing.

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