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Anonymous mailings spread lies about trustees

Published 12:47am Sunday, August 25, 2013

I feel a need to speak out against the person or persons sending anonymous letters politically motivated and designed to smear our Windsor Township Trustees.

The letters are filled with misinformation and untrue statements implying the trustees are not doing their jobs.

As the elected fiscal officer of the township, I attend all trustee meetings. I listen to the debates and conversations related to providing the maintenance needed to keep the roads in good condition. I know the trustees are sincere in their desire to do this.

As a taxpayer and resident of the township, I am impressed with the quality of the roads and have heard many residents voice the same opinion.

Residents, think about it. Can you give any credibility at all to letters that are not signed and have no return address?

I think the answer is no.

It is my intention to turn the most recent letter I received over to the postal authorities to see if they will initiate an investigation into this matter.

Timmy Hayes



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