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Dems looking through rose-colored glasses

Published 9:22am Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I would like to know what kind of “Kool-Aid” Jim Crawford has been drinking to only see good news with “Obamacare.”

Yes, the people will be covered with mom or dad’s insurance to 26 years of age. However, at 27, no matter what job they have, they must buy insurance coverage or pay a fine to the federal government.

The rosy picture he puts forth shows policies going down, premiums dropping down, which is only true in his dreams.

I live in the real world and drugs that before “Obamacare” were tier one with no co-pay. Many are now tier 2 with a large co-pay.

The phony way that unemployment is dropping is to count part-time jobs as people in the workforce. This hasn’t been done under any other president, and just don’t count those who have given up on finding a job. They are forgotten in the unemployment count.

The true unemployment is nearer to 15 percent not 7.4. To count part-time jobs as full-time employment sure looks good. However, try to raise a family on less than 30 hours a week at any job.

As for his write up on Aug. 9, he doesn’t think anything is wrong. However, when Nixon had taped many conversations and was caught lying, he was impeached. Nixon was a Republican, and the Obama presidency is Democratic. All the true scandals the Democrats have been trying to sweep everything under the rug.

As Hillary Clinton said about Benghazi, “What difference does it make?” To her, none. To the families who lost four people, it says that this administration isn’t standing with them.

To the border agent who was killed by our giving guns to Mexican dope dealers in “Fast and Furious,” our Democratic leaders say nothing. Again, what difference did it make?

What about those who were targeted after applying for tax exempt status? How come only Democrats were given the right and those that oppose Obama, many of which still are waiting for approval because they refused to say what they prayed for, and how many were in their group.

Jim calls this a made-up scandal, but if that was so, tell me just why did so many that testified get caught in lies or take the fifth, refusing to answer on the grounds that they would incriminate themselves.

However, we are led by a bunch of lying Democrats who never know the truth when it hits them in the face. They just try to bury it under the Democratic rug.

There are other scandals to numerous to write about that I left out.

I’m glad that I drink water, which doesn’t rose color the truth.

Had this been a Republican administration, the president would have been impeached for allowing this to go on.

A Republican would not promote those who took the Fifth Amendment or are on paid administrative leave and will get a promotion when they come back.

Homer Campbell






  1. mickakers

    President Obama referring the Syria situation to Congress? A wise move. Let’s see what happens.

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  2. Lil Hilary

    Mr Homer, you do realize that “Obamacare” doesn’t take effect until 2014 don’t you? You are complaining about you co-pays going up, that’s your insurance company looking out for their bottom line…
    The so called IRS is a scandal, that the IRS was not properly doing their job. 501 groups are supposed to be social welfare groups, not political groups like the tea party. None of these groups should of ever been approved in the first place. Including Karl Rove’s crossroads, who poured millions in advertising for conservative candidates around the US. Thanks to this scandal, hopefully the IRS will be forced to deny all these groups and enforce the tax law as written!

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  3. keta

    Eric Holder became the first sitting member of the Cabinet of the United States to be held in contempt of Congress

    Hmmm….when a congress that nearly every American feels nothing but contempt for, holds someone “in contempt of congress”, what does that mean, exactly?

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  4. Geronimo

    Homer ! No matter the subject , your opinion pieces come out nearly the same. You could make it simpler , If you just said what you really think. You hate liberals(Democrats) and because you do GOD also must. You cannot hate that deep and love GOD , even if you claim that’s not the case it’s shinning through , by your comments and drawing your other like minded commentators into the mix with you. Go back to preaching the Word of God and stop your hate of Obama so much. I know a few good republicans and democrats. Try mixing it up some. You’ll feel better about yourself , if you just stick with all the facts , not just Fox News facts. You see Homer ! They rarely use them.

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  5. mickakers

    Homer Campbell; Don’t abandon the ship, there is still hope. The following quote is taken from an editorial in Gilbert Magazine the official magazine of the American Chesterton Society. 100 Years Ago; “On July 4, 1913, while America was celebrating Independence Day, G.K. Chesterton gave a speech in England about democracy. At Essex Hall, he explained why he was not an Official Liberal though he had always considered himself a liberal. Liberalism, he claimed, was “the self-governing tradition” that is democracy. But the Liberal party no longer appeared to believed that idea, and he gave several examples of recent laws passed by the Liberal party that represented attacks on personal freedom. He said that he had not wandered from the fold; the fold had wandered from him. The problem with the Official Liberals is that they want to become Liberal Officials. To loud cheers and applause he urged anyone who really believed in democracy not to support the Liberal party.” Interesting! G.K. Chesterton (1874-1936) was one of the most prolific and well-known writers of his time, and one of the most widely quoted in our own. Look him up, he is well worth reading.

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  6. mickakers

    Michael; I assume you mean the Presidential election. Although I am a registered Democrat I have never voted a straight party ticket. I vote for the individual not the party. I feel the Democratic party is more representative of the middle and lower income members of our society. I hesitate and under normal circumstances cannot support or vote for anyone who advocates the killing of the unborn (abortion) or the destruction of family life (same sex marriage). I think caution is in order before becoming a one issue voter. In the last several Presidential elections, I have voted Republican.

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  7. mikehaney

    Hey Mick. You voting dem or repub next election?

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  8. mickakers

    Homer Campbell; I take it, you don’t like Democrats. Did you ever vote for one? It would be useless trying to convince you that there are times when crossing the aisle is beneficial for all involved. As an after thought, President Richard Milhouse Nixon was not impeached, he resigned on August 9th 1974 the only president to do so. Lying and scandal is part of the human condition, members from both parties suffer from this malady.

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  9. bklibrary

    Great Comment Geronimo. I know that some of the hardcore right worshippers have been in shock over Dr. Crawford’s articles. Several have went to the Ironton Tribune and protested his freedom of speech. I am glad he is able to put them in there. Lawrence County needs enlightened! Homer is just like that lemon selling used car salesman that a lot of people just want buy into it!

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  10. Geronimo

    I knew before I read the article it was written by the hate spreading preacher. No further comment.

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  11. Scratching My Head

    I think somene had too much to drink.

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  12. mikehaney

    As a result of a dispute over the release of Justice Department documents related to the scandal, Attorney General Eric Holder became the first sitting member of the Cabinet of the United States to be held in contempt of Congress on June 28, 2012.[19][20] Earlier that month, President Obama had invoked executive privilege for the first time in his presidency over the same documents.[21][22]

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  13. bleedingheart

    “Fast and Furious” was started in 2006 (who was president?). So guns were traded and missing 3 years before Obama took office.
    And if I were the IRS (remember it is an agency to collect taxes), I believe I would scrutinize any group that proclaimed they were “taxed enough already”. Wouldn’t you?

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