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Workforce shouldn’t be overlooked

Published 9:59am Friday, September 6, 2013

It has long been said that one of Lawrence County’s biggest strengths is its people and that potential workplace was on display Wednesday in South Point.

Orica, a steel accessory manufacturing company opening a new facility in The Point industrial park, hosted a job fair in order to fill more than 60 new positions with the growing company. A couple of hundred people showed up and many are considered to be viable candidates for what is expected to be quality jobs with benefits.

This result should send a clear message to existing employers and any company considering expanding or developing here in Lawrence County. Our citizens are willing to work hard and be a part of a team that is invested in the community.

Many local companies are still looking for skilled labor or individuals with specialized training such as welders. The Ohio Strategic Training Center, Collins Career Center, Ohio University Southern and other educational entities in the Tri-State have been trying to address this by offering tailored programs designed to fill local needs.

Far too often, the citizens of Appalachia and southern Ohio are stereotyped as having an entitlement mentality or to be unemployable. Although there are a few proverbial bad apples in every bunch, that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Events like Wednesday’s job fair help prove it.


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  • Poor Richard

    I have spoken with so many employers that simply cannot find good workers. They said no one can pass the drug tests or background checks. Some that are hired are irresponsible and undependable and are employed only briefly. I understand that some of them steal from their employers as well. A friend that works at one of the largest industries in eastern KY told me that they can’t find welders, no one can pass the drug tests and it has gotten so bad they will just take anyone that can pass.

    And then there is another group of people/workers and unfortunately some companies have found out the hard way that you don’t want to hire the idiots that are always trying to take legal action looking for a free ride. They will bring a lawsuit at the drop of a hat for any reason. Some Huntington companies have spent millions dealing with them.

    On the other hand, I work with a bunch of great people, hard workers, high ethics. Very fortunate to know and learn from them. 98% are educated beyond high school and are focused on their profession. These workers are the type of workers that every company wants — we just need more of them in this area. EDUCATE, EDUCATE, EDUCATE!!!!

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  • mickakers

    As a PS: Sometimes, what is not said is more meaningful than what is said (referring to Orica and it’s services).

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  • mickakers

    Orica, “a steel accessory manufacturing company” Whats that? Just teasing! Do a search on Orica, Wikipedia has a good article.

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