Police Reports — 9/8/13

Published 12:11am Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sheriff’s office

Menacing — 300 block Township Road 1057, Proctorville, Sept. 1, man alleged daughter’s boyfriend’s stepfather came into his house and threatened to assault him; Todd Daniels, 44, of 63 Township Road 1105, Proctorville, arrested.

Assault — Lawrence County Jail, Aug. 31, deputy alleged subject he was transporting to the jail curse at him and threatened him; suspect allegedly would not get out of the cruiser, and when deputy reached for him, the suspect allegedly kicked the deputy in the chest and stomach; suspect allegedly intoxicated, placed in restraint chair; James Baker, 47, of 61 Private Drive 125, Chesapeake, arrested.

Unruly juvenile, disrupting public service, petty theft and domestic violence — 7000 block County Road 1, South Point, Aug. 27, juvenile allegedly took sister’s cell phone and became violent when confronted; juvenile allegedly punched a hole in the wall and broke glass door.

Burglary — 5000 block County Road 14, Ironton, Sept. 1, house ransacked, $3,000 worth of tools, two guns taken.

Burglary — 100 block Township Road 1043, Chesapeake, Sept. 1, flat screen TV, Playstation 3 with games, CDs, jewelry, pocket knives, misc. electronics taken from home.

Theft without consent — 60 block Township Road 1138, Proctorville, Sept. 2, items taken from vehicle.

Theft without consent — 40 block Township Road 1141, Proctorville, Sept. 2, items taken from vehicle.

Theft without consent — 100 block Township Road 1534, Proctorville, Sept. 2, items taken from vehicle.

Theft without consent — 100 block Township Road 1248, Proctorville, Sept. 2, items taken from vehicle.

Criminal mischief — Township Road 1464, Chesapeake, Sept. 3; man reports sugar poured in truck’s gas tank.

Criminal Damaging — Private Drive 288, South Point, Sept. 3; man reports car scratched in parking lot.

Theft — County Road 27, Ironton, Sept. 1; pastor of Pleasant Valley Freewill Baptist Church reports theft of air conditioning units.

Petty theft — Walmart, Sept. 4; woman allegedly takes items worth $10.63 from store without paying. Toni Michelle Burns, 29, of 47 Township Road 1427, South Point, arrested.

Forgery — Township Road 1023, South Point, woman allegedly takes checks belonging to another and fills them out.

Domestic violence — County Road 73, Proctorville, Sept. 4; woman alleges that ex-husband’s wife threatened her.


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