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Ironton aLive to host mixer for community

Published 9:23am Wednesday, September 11, 2013

For about a year now, Ironton’s business minded non-profit organization has worked behind the scenes and alongside other groups to encourage economic growth in the city.

With plans to emerge as a group with its own plans, Ironton aLive will host a mixer to introduce its members and its vision to the business and leadership community.

The mixer will be 5 p.m. Sept. 19 at the Ro-Na Theater in downtown.

“We are inviting all the local business people, leaders from different civic organizations, elected officials, church leaders, just as way for us to introduce Ironton aLive to the public and to also garner feedback from them in regards to the types of things they would like to see happen and things that Ironton aLive could possibly work toward with their opinions in mind,” Jon Ferguson, the organization’s executive director, said.

Ferguson also said members from private groups, such as the Elks, Eagles and Moose lodges were invited to attend, as well as veterans groups and other clubs.

“We are just trying to have an opportunity and a forum to mingle and talk about things they would like to see happen in town and ways we can accomplish that,” Ferguson said.

Ironton aLive began to form as a group in 2011 and officially became a non-profit last fall. Since then, the organization has assisted other civic groups, such as the Friends of Ironton and Ironton In Bloom, in promoting Ironton.

Ironton aLive has also helped bring focus back to the downtown through gaining support for the Farmers Market and the summer Tuesday night concert series sponsored by St. Mary’s Medical Center.

“That has been a huge boom as far as bringing people downtown,” Ferguson said.

Those interested in attending the mixer should RSVP by Friday by calling or emailing Ferguson at (740) 307-1369 and

Soft drinks and hors d’ourves will be provided and there will be a cash bar for beer.


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  • mickakers

    As a PS: I hope the hors d’ourves are heavy. Don’t wanna be cheap.

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  • mickakers

    A great idea (especially hosting it at the Ro-Na), my compliments. A cash bar for beer only? You gotta be kiddin! Can you BYOB?

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  • jonferguson

    SoundByte, I welcome your comments, and challenge you to be a part of the good things happening in Ironton. I think if you involved yourself in these organizations, and saw the work that is being done, completely voluntarily, with no personal gain by anyone, you would have a different view on things. You may want to reconsider your stance on these people, and the direction things are going. Rally on the River had its largest turnout to date, and the Farmers Market is another great step forward for the City. Be the change you want to see. Take part in something good.

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  • SoundByte

    lol@huge. Color the story much do ya? Regatta, octoberfest, and even the biker ally ( at least at this end of town) is dwindling. Yeah colored that story too didn’t ya? lol. This town is notorious for destroying community events with their own greed!

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