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Mayor still can do right on golf carts

Published 9:13am Friday, September 13, 2013

A majority of the Ironton City Council decided that unknown rewards are more important than public safety and protecting lives.

The council — with a split decision of 4-3 — voted Thursday to allow golf carts to be driven on city streets.

Councilmen Dave Frazer and Kevin Waldo and councilwoman Beth Rist were the voices of reason that were overruled by the other members who allowed the wishes of a few to trump what appears to be overwhelming opposition by the citizens of Ironton.

The subject has been a hot topic of debate for a couple of months since it was first introduced this summer. Nine out of every 10 citizens The Tribune has polled on this issue strongly oppose it.

Mayor Rich Blankenship should allow common sense to prevail by vetoing the legislation.

Citizens, many of whom are hesitant to speak out publicly of because fear of retaliation, need to let their voices be heard by writing, calling or emailing the mayor.

Simply put, the city hasn’t gathered enough information and doesn’t have a clear plan on how these changes will be implemented. The idea that the traffic pattern, enforcement or implementation plan can be devised later simply doesn’t make sense. These issues should have been addressed and analyzed before changing the laws.

No one seem to have a clear idea how many people will use golf carts in the city on any given day, week or month or what they would actually use them for.

In many ways Ironton has become a retirement community but not one like those in Florida subdivisions where driving golf carts is a common practice because the prevalence of subdivisions and traffic is controlled.

No one has provided any information to prove how this would be good for the community.

The risk to public safety far out weighs any intangible benefits of putting these vehicles on city streets.

Council didn’t see it that way. The citizens can still make sure the mayor knows how they feel.

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  • 79Tiger

    I no longer live in Ironton so I have no dog in this hunt. Stupid idea period. How it was ever considered to begin with is silly considering all of the other more important concerns of the city.

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  • keta

    Unbelievable. As big a mess as our traffic already is, with all the one-way streets and cars parked so close to intersections you can’t see anything coming, we’re going to add octogenarians in golf carts? Dumb, dumb, dumb. Why on earth won’t anyone step up and fix this?

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  • TribuneSubscriber

    This is an EXCUSE for the City Of Ironton to continue
    to NOT FIX the sidewalks and curbs for access for people
    with disabilities.

    They have been told of dozens of places with these broken
    curbs and sidewalks that are IMPASSABLE for folks using
    their Power Chairs / Scooters in an attempt to safely get around in Ironton.

    I have been using a large power chair for the past 12
    years, and have traveled all over Ironton and Coal Grove
    areas, using ONLY the sidewalks and alleyways when I

    Having been a firefighter and medic in the past almost 20
    years before, I know and OBSERVE STRICT SAFETY when I do

    I stay alert, and when a vehicle approaches,
    I pull between cars towards a curb till it passes.
    Then I continue on. I have NEVER had a situation
    where I was in danger as again…. I PAY ATTENTION
    TO THE AREAS AROUND ME…. and after being a past
    motorcycle operator for over 20 years, am ALWAYS
    Cautious and I always tried to remain courteous to
    other drivers around me for both MY and THEIR SAFETY…


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  • Dad

    “members who allowed the wishes of a few to trump what appears to be overwhelming opposition by the citizens of Ironton. -

    I am not sure where you get that there is overwhelming opposition. There was only one citizen that spoke out against the ordinance at the meeting. While I personally am concerned that it is not a safe idea. It would appear there was overwhelming support FOR it at the meeting.

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  • mickakers

    As an afterthought; The Tribune also has a moral obligation to be a leader. From what I have read and seen, they are fulfilling this obligation. My compliments to them.

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  • mickakers

    As the distinguished gentleman, President Harry S. Truman once said, “the buck stops here”, thank you tribune for pointing this out. Does the Mayor of Ironton, Rich Blankenship, have the moral fortitude to be a leader or is he just a follower or a political hack? Golf Carts on the streets of Ironton? How ludicrous!

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    • Digi

      Looks like moral fortitude went right out the window by today’s article,

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  • swampcreature

    I want to thank Mike Caldwell and the Tribune for being another voice of reason on this public safety issue.

    It would be great to see our mayor become the final voice of reason on this foolish legislation and veto it before a needless tragedy takes place on our roadways. Without a veto, I am afraid a serous injury or death involving these golf carts is inevitable.

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