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Time is now to honor our veterans

Published 1:11pm Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Lawrence County has always proudly displayed its patriotism, answering the call of duty whenever needed. The latest gesture by the city of Ironton is just another part of that commitment to our nation.

Ironton has given itself the designation as a Purple Heart City, one of only three in the state, as a way of recognizing and honoring our brave men and women who have been injured while serving his or her country.

Although there are some individual recognitions of veterans in Woodland Cemetery, at the Lawrence County Courthouse, at the Proctorville VFW Memorial and other areas, this certainly seems to be a project the entire community should get behind.

As the city moves forward with its plans to tear down Memorial Hall and put a park there, this looks like the perfect opportunity to recognize all the individuals who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

Plans are already in the works to incorporate a portion of the existing structure into the park to recognize veterans. The best way may be to include a monument or other recognition of all those who have ever fought for our great nation.

They stood up for us. Now we must stand up to recognize them.

  • Geronimo

    I have another great idea like the Memorial to all Veterans who served located at Woodland. Lets start another Memorial to honor those who gave all and use the stones from Memorial Hall , and only charge the families that want their ancestors names on a stone a couple hundred bucks. That way everyone (With the funds) will have a permanent place for their loved ones who gave all to be recognized for their ultimate sacrifice. Or we could build a Monument for all on the court house lawn. I’m sure everyone who could would donate to that.

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  • outoftowner

    I can weigh in on Ironton and flag etiquette. First, I feel that Ironton does little to honor its veterans. I am basing this on first hand experience from 2011. Second is a comment from last week. I know that when honoring anyone with the respect of the US flag being lowered to half staff, it is first raised to full staff and held there for a short period, then lowered to half staff/mast on a ship.
    I do hope that Ironton and Lawrence county give these men and women the respect that they have earned.

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  • mickakers

    As a PS; In actuality, Lawrence County has been lacking when it comes to Patriotic Duty. There are times when the truth hurts. Allowing Memorial Hall to deteriorate is a prime example of the lack of Patriotic Duty.

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  • mickakers

    I detect a bit of hypocrisy here. We were not honoring our veterans by allowing Memorial Hall to deteriorate.

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