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Democrats to blame for looming train wreck

Published 11:19am Thursday, September 26, 2013

Jim Crawford has it right, except for one thing. It is Obama that is governing like Forrest Gump, not the Republicans.

It will be Obama or the Democratic Senate that is willing to shutdown the government, just to prove that “Obamacare” is good for America.

Jim thinks that it will be good for those who don’t have insurance. However, there are more than 30 million who still won’t have coverage.

It will also cause more people to have two to three part-time jobs just to make a living. Then they are considered workers and not eligible for any insurance. However, they will either buy their own insurance or pay a fine to the federal government for not carrying insurance.

Of course, it will look good, as a person holding two jobs will be counted as two people in the employment line.

The Democrats just look the other way on our debt, after all the debt has gone up by more than $7 trillion since Obama took office. This can’t be blamed on the Republicans, as the Democrats have had control of the White House and Senate. No other president created that much debt while in office, not even President Roosevelt who was in office 16 years.

Obama’s legacy will be counted as the man who single-handedly raised the national debt more than all former presidents combined — especially if we can continue printing money.

Some of the Democrats now claim that “Obamacare” is a “train wreck” that will destroy jobs, cause insurance companies to raise rates, cause employers to work people less than 30 hours a week.

Who will you blame?

Not the Republicans, as not one voted for Obamacare.

Who is dumb enough to park a car on a railroad crossing and just sit there while a train approaches?

Looks like it is the Democrats who want to see the “crash.”

Homer Campbell



  • mikehaney

    Homer—Who is dumb enough to park a car on a railroad crossing and just sit there while a train approaches? – Of course the answer is Democrats.
    Repubs are trying to salvage what is left from a dem majority in house and senate when ACA was passed. Dems are like trying to get horses out of a burning barn; they just keep running back in.

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  • Geronimo

    mikhaney ! “Great article Homer. Keep em coming” Yep keep em coming , your articles are so informational and factual. They keep mikhaney busy trying to prove your pointless point for you……………..Love Geronimo !

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  • Geronimo

    Lil Hilary ,”I’m not sure where you get your facts” Sorry Lil Hilary , but Mr. Homer or mikehaney , rarely bother with facts.

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  • mikehaney

    Comment saw concerning ACA.
    Navigating Health Care Exchanges? Here’s all you need to know.
    1. Set a course for your own rear end.
    2. Kiss it goodbye.

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  • mickakers

    Homer Campbell; As a PS; “looming train wreck” I know all about train wrecks after serving forty two years in the Railroad Industry. Train Wrecks are primarily caused by neglect or lack of attention to the roadway. I think the present political situation is due to our lack of attention in allowing the Tea Party to have the influence they have. They call to mind The Know Nothing Party of times past, a passing attraction without substance. Homer, are you a member of the Tea Party?, you exemplify their way of thinking.

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  • mikehaney

    Great article Homer. Keep em coming.

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  • mickakers

    Homer Campbell; Your radical partisanship (Republican Party) is demonstrative of your lack of clear and unprejudiced thinking. This is a prime example of the problems we are experiencing today. You are in effect, a contributor to these problems.

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  • Lil Hilary

    Oh my goodness Mr. Homer. I’m not sure where you get your facts. Maybe you live in a fantasy land or listen to much to right wing radio. The fact of the matter is all the republicans in congress except one voted to shut down the government unless their demands are met. Essentially putting thousands of government workers out of work and on unemployment benefits at the tax payers expense. Not to mention handicapping our nation of essential manpower such as the EPA in Colorado as one example.
    By the way, Obamacare moves forward regardless of shutting down the government or not. It’s the law! The republican’s are just destroying the economy with their tactics.

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