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City union contesting cleanup

Published 10:36am Friday, September 27, 2013

AFSCME files grievance; impact on event unknown


Organizers of a scheduled citywide Ironton cleanup are unsure what, if any, effect a union grievance filed against the city will have on the October event.

“As far as the solid waste district is concerned, the project is still a go unless I am prohibited from having it,” said Dan Palmer, coordinator of the Lawrence-Scioto County Solid Waste Management District.

The solid waste district and Ironton Municipal Court have scheduled four days next month where residents can dispose of unwanted household items at the South Ironton Industrial Park. At the same time city alleys are targeted for a cleanup.

According to Ironton Mayor Rich Blankenship the grievance centers around a possible violation of the union’s contract with the city.

“Basically it’s an article in the contract regarding contracting out work normally performed by city employees,” Blankenship said.

Representatives from AFSCME Local 771 and Blankenship have a meeting scheduled for Tuesday.

“Right now I need to meet with the union on Tuesday before commenting,” he said.

From Wednesday, Oct. 9 through Saturday, Oct. 12, residents can dispose of tires, sofas, bedding, furniture and other household items at the industrial park. The park will be open from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. those days. Items can be placed in roll-off containers that have been provided by Our Lady of Bellefonte Hospital, St. Mary’s Medical Center, Ironton Health Board, Citizens Deposit Bank, Friends of Ironton, Lawrence County Chamber of Commerce, Ironton Rotary Club and City National Bank.

Also during those days the workers of Collins’ community service program and employees of the solid waste district will be going up and down the alleys in the city picking up illegally discarded items as well as weeds and other debris.

Blankenship said he did not know if, or in what way, the grievance would impact the cleanup.

“That is not my call,” he said. “It’s is not the City of Ironton project.”

Palmer said he also wants to see the outcome of Tuesday’s meeting.

“The district has already received phone calls from residents of Ironton about the cleanup as to what they can put out and what alleys we are going to clean,” he said. “I would hate to see this cleanup not completed because I think a lot of residents would be upset. Again, as far as I am concerned it is a go unless I am told not to have it.”

A call made to the waste water treatment department where AFSCME local president Brent Layne works was not returned by press time.

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  • Poor Richard

    I don’t see a violation. The City of Ironton did not make arranagments with Solid Waste, therefore the city did not ‘violate’ their contract. If he judge and Solid Waste (or any citizen for that matter) want to put together the clean up on their own voluntarily, that is up to them. What the city should look at is the incompetence of those that are suppose to be doing the ‘cleaning’ in the city and make some employee changes.

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  • Digi

    When you consider the cost of hauling something to the dump to get rid of, IF you own a truck to haul it off, most people around town can’t afford it. That’s why these events are important to give those people a fair chance to get rid of larger items. Shame on the union for wanting to stop this, when it’s not been a city ran event!

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  • mickakers

    swampcreature; If those responsible for the dirt and pollution would keep their own environment clean, it would not be necessary for a community cleanup.

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  • swampcreature

    All I can say is clean, clean and clean some more!

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  • mickakers

    As a PS: My comment refers to “Basically it’s an article in the contract regarding contracting out work normally performed by city employees.” In other words, any work performed by the city employees involved cannot be sub contracted out (paid or voluntary). In Labor Union language, this boils down to job protection or security. My compliments to the Mayor for taking the high road.

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  • mickakers

    A contract is a contract and should be honored by all parties concerned. Negotiations can and should be held when it comes to violating contractual issues. Remember the Air Traffic Controllers who were fired by President Reagan? The reason for their dismissal was because they violated a No Strike clause in the contract. What is good for the goose is also good for the gander.

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  • TribuneSubscriber

    This is something that is/will help ALL CITIZENS OF IRONTON..!!

    Having been a past Union Member at my former work, I would
    think that The Ironton City Employee’s Union would be SUPPORTING this cleanup in everyway.

    Git-R-Done Mr. Dan..!!

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  • deathdealer

    tell the lazy union to get it done or shut up and get out of the way

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  • SoundByte

    1st they will not do it, then they whine for a volunteer effort from the city. If you had been doing it in the first place they would not need call for volunteers. Easy enough math for you isn’t it? And dont say now how you do take care of it as it is obvious to anyone who cares to take a walk or drive through they have NOT been tending to it in a timely manner at all! Do not see how the volunteer effort will affect your truck naps, goof off time around the north end floodwall, or playing on your phone rather than doing your job. This is a large part of the entire problem. If the public servants will not do the job REPLACE THEM! I am sure someone out there will gladly take the job and pay at over $10 to start for trash collectors!!!

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  • Scratching My Head

    Money is all people care about these days. It does not matter how they have to get it or who they screw over. A pitty when our own city workers care more about money than they do the city that pays them…

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  • Itown

    It would be sad for this clean up to not take place.

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