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Song lyrics tell of Reds’ playoff woes

Published 1:32am Friday, September 27, 2013

Welp, we has reached the halfway point of the high school football season already.

Now, football is everyone’s focus on Fridays, but we’re all keepin’ one eye on the Reds and their quest to not only make the playoffs but win the division, pennant and World Series.

All that will hinge on this weekend’s three-game series against the Pittsburgh Pirates. After goin’ 2-1 last week in Pittsburgh, this becomes an even bigger series. And if y’all are Sawyer Brown fans, I thinks tweekin’ their “Six Days On The Road” song kin fit the Reds’ situation.


Well, we rolled into Pittsburgh hoping to win all three

We loaded up with Latos, Arroyo and Homer Bailey

We picked up a pair of wins

Now we have to play them again

Six games with the Bucs and we have to win at home tonight.


The Mets arrived and they were a feisty bunch.

We thought they were easy but they handed us our lunch.

Our bats all turned stone cold

It seems we’re about to fold

Six games with the Bucs and we have to win at home tonight.


We still have a shot since we locked up a playoff berth.

But there’s no way now that we can finish first.

We’re running out of time

Dusty’s job is on the line.

It’s the last three games and it looks like we need them all.


Sounds like there’s a Grammy in ol’ Goob’s future.

Ennywho, last week we wuz 14-4 to bring the season record to 58-18 fer a .763 percentage. Here we goes with week five.

Portsmouth at Ironton: Someone described this as a friendly rivalry. Friendly? Have ya seen these guys go at it on the field? Ironton 21, Portsmouth 19.

Coal Grove at Waverly: The Hornets will be singin’ “Hold That Tiger” when this one is done. Coal Grove 42, Waverly 16.

Wellston at Rock Hill: Maybe Wellston is the Rockets, but look fer the Redmen to do some blastin’ off of their own. Wellston 18, Rock Hill 16.

Portsmouth West at Chesapeake: The Panthers keep wonderin’ if there will ever be a breather on their schedule. Portsmouth West 26, Chesapeake 20.

South Point at Lucasville Valley: The unbeaten Pointers will use this as a measurin’ stick to see just how far they has come. Lucasville Valley 35, South Point 14.

Athens at Fairland: This is one of the few real tests on the Bulldogs’ schedule. Athens 44, Fairland 30.

Symmes Valley at Southern: This must be part of the Vikings’ tour of the south. The first road game was Southeastern and now the second road game is Southern. Good thing their game isn’t goin’ south. Sym. Valley 20, Southern 14.

Northwest at Green: The Mohawks can’t wait to git out of the SOC II and into SOC I. Northwest 22, Green 21.

OTHERS: Wheelersburg over Jackson; Ashland over Rowan County; Russell over West Carter; Raceland over Lawrence County; Amanda Clearcreek over Hamilton Township; Bishop Hartley over Pittsburgh Perry; St. Charles over Col. Crusaders; Gallipolis over Vinton County; Minford over Oak Hill; Portsmouth Notre Dame over Cleve. Villa Angela-St. Joseph; Dayton Jefferson over Sciotoville East; Meigs over Vincent Warren; Nelsonville-York over Logan.


Gridiron Goober is a self-proclaimed high school football expert who shares his vast knowledge and picks each week, all while offering a humorous take on the world of sports.

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