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Pride is hurting our nation

Published 10:11am Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Why does our government have teams that compete against each other?

And why are there only two major teams?

I troll Facebook quite often and am amazed by the rants of my articulate, intelligent friends when it comes to politics.

Some love President Obama. Others hate him. There seems to be no middle ground. There is always an argument amongst so-called friends regarding political stances — the majority of which boils down to stubborn pride.

You know them — the “I refuse to lose this argument” type. Winning the argument quickly becomes more important than simply agreeing to disagree.

Stop it!

Why ruin a friendship because the Fox news slant you believe in is different from the MSNBC slant your best friend ascribes to? Why do we feed into this media-driven mess?

All we are doing is giving the pot-stirrers the effects they seek, effectively acquiescing and becoming mere puppets for someone else’s gain.

Every major news outlet is owned by somebody with a political agenda and propaganda to sling. Since they call the shots, they are going to push their views on the public (those of us who are silly enough, and lazy enough, to zombie ourselves and believe every word they say).

Breaking News: Nothing you hear on any major news station is absolute truth, particularly in regard to politics. This is why people with power buy and operate major news organizations.

Since they have a vested interest, the news reports and editorials are slanted to the owner’s political stance, which is all designed to line his pockets and increase his political power.

It’s all a money game, and so many of us fall into it as pawns but think we are so much more intelligent than “the other guy” because we choose to nourish ourselves on what they feed us.

I choose to ignore politics as much as possible.

For one thing, I detest our deeply flawed two-party system. For another, I know God didn’t create Republicans and Democrats. We did that, just like we created religion, which history has proven to be the most divisive force known to man.

In reality, what we have done is create chaos and stubbornness (byproducts of pride), which accomplishes absolutely nothing and has the rest of the world looking at us like the spoiled kindergarteners we really are.

Our political system is going to destroy us all. I repeat, our political system is going to destroy us all. But pride won’t allow us to change.

Anyone with a half-sober eye can see the bottom, which is where all of our pointless arguments are leading us. Pride is going to ensure we hit it.

I don’t care which political party you align yourself with, what you believe about abortion or gay marriage or how you feel about taxes. Arguing with you is not going to change your mind. Conversely, it will only embolden you to fight for your beliefs.

God will judge you for your life, as he will me with mine. Judging is not my job.

Personally, I can get along with anybody no matter their beliefs. I’m just tired of all this immaturity. We’re willfully destroying the greatest nation known to man — and repeating history (see Rome) because of pride.

And nobody seems to care. They just want to be right.


Billy Bruce is a freelance writer who lives in Pedro. He can be contacted at


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  • mickakers

    Billy Bruce; One of my favorite books in my library is an old tattered paperback copy of Bulfinch’s Mythology that I purchased in 1960. An old mentor of mine, the Rt. Rev. Msgr. John Joseph Yonk recommended this book to me, I in return recommend it to you. I think the best edition to read today is; Bulfinch’s Mythology by: Richard P. Martin, Harper Collins 1991 hardback. The reading of this book will broaden your perspective and expand your understanding. If you have a Kindle, it is free. I do not have a kindle, I prefer the artistic beauty and feeling of the printed word. I have gave Kindle’s as gifts to my children. Is that contradictory?

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  • mickakers

    Billy Bruce; As a PS; You covered a lot of ground in this short article and caused pause for thought, which is good. Disagreement is healthy, it presents the opportunity to advance and learn. Politics is important, without it government would not function. History has demonstrated the Two Party system works best, it is more simplified and helps keep down confusion. Religion? Without it there would be complete anarchy. Man has a basic need for religion (recognize a supreme being or beings) Pagan, Jewish, Christian or Muslim. The deficiency is not in the system but in the PEOPLE who make up the system as you aptly point out with the word, PRIDE.

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  • mickakers

    Billy Bruce; An interesting and thought provoking article. Thanks.

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