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Get to know your candidates

Published 12:00am Sunday, October 13, 2013

With Election Day less than a month away, campaigning for various seats on school boards, village and city councils, and township trustees is in full swing.

More than 100 candidates have filed for those various races in hopes of winning. Each candidate has a message or platform that he or she wants to convey to the prospective constituency in hopes of receiving enough votes to be elected.

However, during the course of an election season, it is not a one-way street. Although the candidates want to present the reasons they should be voted into office, the voters need to take an active role as well.

This means going to candidate forums or debates, gathering information independently and speaking with candidates directly. This will provide useful information that will help citizens make decisions on Election Day.

These elections will have a significant impact on the future of each village, city, township, and Lawrence County as a whole.

We encourage every eligible person in Lawrence County to do his or her civic duty and vote on Nov. 5.

It is ultimately your votes that decide who leads our communities for years to come.

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  • Poor Richard

    I agree with this advice yet it is not easy to find a candidate that is truly sincere in their desire to work for the citizens. I have found that trustees generally want the ‘state’ retirement, health insurance and the salary. They will likely not rock the boat by doing anything that may jeopardize re-election so they can hold onto those benefits. School boarders too, are not generally there because they deem education important but rather to influence and manipulate ways to get hired or their relatives hired, to control the spending of funds and some see this as the initial step in running for a larger office position in the county. The bottom line is that I have met few candidates that genuinely want to make a difference for citizens although they attempt to say differently. The self-serving agendas prevail whether it be a salary they seek, health insurance or retirement, or an impetus to a hiring process for their friends and relatives. If they just talk ‘fluff’ with no concrete plan or objectives, most likely they are not sincere in their quest to make improvements for citizens. This is why so little gets done in this county by elected officials. Be very wary.

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