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Elected seats a privilege

Published 11:39am Friday, October 18, 2013

With the federal government now re-open from a partial shutdown that lasted more than two weeks, Americans are now left to pick up the pieces and wonder when the ridiculous game of taxpayer-funded chicken will be played again.

Americans are left to wonder what happened from the person who was laid off from their federal job to the family who could not carryout their vacation to one of the temporarily shuttered National Parks or public museums. This is not only a federal issue, as the Wayne National Forest is one entity that has felt the impact locally along with various others in the Tri-State area as well as the region.

Whether you are Republican or Democrat, conservative or liberal, a large helping of blame can be passed around to both sides of the aisle.

Regardless of the issues that kept both sides from reaching an agreement, the collective group, not just one side or the other, caused the mess created in the last two weeks.

Americans need to remember that citizens elect these senators and representatives and they should be held accountable for their actions. They cannot continue such behavior unless citizens continue to provide them with our votes and our support.

Both sides of the aisle, including President Obama will quarrel until they reach some type of agreement followed by praise for one another. It’s a cycle we’ve seen before numerous times.

Until these men and women learn that it is an honor and a privilege to hold these seats and, actually do the work of the American people these types of issues will continue. Americans are forced to wonder when the government will come grinding to a halt again.




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