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Uninformed citizens don’t know truth

Published 11:40am Friday, October 18, 2013

I was astonished to read the letters about the government shutdown in Tuesday’s newspaper.

I couldn’t help thinking, does anyone really believe that the president is golfing instead of dealing with the default crisis, or that Harry Reid is obligated to entertain Tea Party legislation so extreme that it stands no chance of passing?

How is it possible to live in the Information Age and still have no idea how we arrived at such a dangerous juncture? There’s nothing complicated about it. The extreme right wing of the Republican party would like to overturn the health care law.

The president’s 2012 victory made this extremely difficult. So, they have forced a government shutdown, and appear willing to force a default on our nation’s debt, despite the financial chaos and staggering losses that would be the certain result of their actions.

I am reminded of the recent study that found that FOX News viewers are the least-informed of our nation’s TV news audience.

In fact, the study indicated that people who watch no news at all are better informed than FOX viewers.

Coincidence? I don’t think so.

Abby Fowler


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