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Businesses should pay what’s owed

Published 12:21am Sunday, October 20, 2013

Prosecuting Attorney Brigham Anderson hit the nail on the head when he said large companies that aren’t paying their property taxes are placing an unfair burden on Lawrence County and its schools.

Anderson, along with County Treasurer Stephen Burcham, addressed the county commission recently in another attempt to collect the county’s back taxes, this time with the help of the courts.

The new measure would allow a judge to name the treasurer as a receiver of the business that is delinquent, which means approving all bills and receiving all money paid to that business.

And so far, the receivership, allowed for by the Ohio Revised Code, seems to be working.

Letters were sent to 10 businesses that were delinquent on taxes for at least six months, as required by the ORC.

Even though eight of the 10 companies paid up as a result of the letters, being six months late on taxes that benefit the community is just too much.

Anderson and Burcham are doing everything possible to see that delinquent taxes are paid, but it should not take a receivership letter for businesses to pay what’s owed.

The majority of public schools’ funding comes from taxes, so everyone must do their part to ensure our community’s children get the best education possible.


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  • Poor Richard

    Some citizens of this county hide behind company names when it comes to property taxes, maybe the prosecutor should reveal who those company owners are. I’m sure the county commissioners know what I’m talking about.

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