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Published 12:18am Sunday, October 20, 2013

What a whirlwind the last two weeks have been. Obviously, some transitions have taken place here at The Tribune, and I can say that although we thoroughly miss Mike Caldwell, the staff has not missed a beat. In my mind, that is something that makes a successful team and company. Any time a transition takes place, there is an obvious fear of the unknown. However, as I have moved into my new role, along with Michelle Goodman’s transition to news editor, we both learn new things each day.

Enough about the changes you have undoubtedly read about, I wanted to take the opportunity to introduce myself to those of you who have not met me.

Newspapers have been a part of my life for many years, and I honestly never thought this would be the path my career would take as I grew up and while I was in school.

As a kid, my first love was always sports. I used to sit at the kitchen table on the weekends when I wasn’t playing sports at my house or my grandparent’s house. I would sit and read what most kids do at that age, sports and comics.

Moving forward, I always looked at the paper as an important part of the community. Growing up in South Point, I always knew about The Ironton Tribune but didn’t realize the importance it had to the communities of Lawrence County and the Tri-State.

When I was still in high school, I started delivering papers on the weekends and helped a family member during the summer. Then, after graduating from South Point High School, my first real job was being a contractor and delivering my own route. The years following, I was a contracted carrier off and on for various newspapers.

One day, I noticed an ad in The Ironton Tribune for a circulation clerk/district manager. I thought with my past experiences, along with helping my family business, I would make a good fit for the advertised position. A few weeks later, I started working at The Tribune. That was January 2006.

Several months later, I was given the opportunity to oversee the circulation department, which I have done since late 2006. I have had the opportunity to meet and speak with so many of our wonderful customers and business partners, and I want to ensure you that although I have taken on a larger role, I will still serve as the circulation director here at The Tribune.

As I move forward in my new role as general manager, I know each day will be a learning experience, and I look forward to meeting and working with our community leaders, residents, our customers and our business partners.

I cannot promise that mistakes won’t happen, but I will promise that each decision I make will be based on as much information as possible and will always strive to make the correct decision. I also promise to do what is in the best interest of The Tribune as well as our community and customers.


Josh Morrison is the general manager at The Tribune. To reach him, call 740-532-1441 ext. 16 or by email at



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  • mickakers

    Josh Morrison; Congratulations on your new position and best of luck.

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