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Michigan woman indicted for trafficking heroin through Lawrence County

Published 10:15am Friday, October 25, 2013

Half a pound of heroin hidden behind the taillight of a Cadillac Escalade was enough for a Lawrence County Grand Jury to hand down drug trafficking charges against a Detroit, Mich., woman who was arrested in Ironton this past weekend.

Evelyn M. Robinson, 44, was indicted Monday on counts of possession of heroin and trafficking in heroin, both felonies of the first degree.

The grand jury also specified that Robinson is a “major drug offender,” according to the indictment.

Robinson was pulled over early Saturday morning by the Ohio State Highway Patrol for a moving violation on eastbound U.S. 52. She was subsequently arrested after a canine unit from the Huntington, W.Va., Police Department detected heroin hidden behind a taillight of the woman’s Escalade.

Troopers estimated the street value of the heroin to be about $45,000.

The grand jury also indicted three people in South Point for trafficking in heroin.

Dustin Tyler Fulks, of 109 Garden Court, was indicted on three fifth-degree counts of trafficking, while Elvis Rister, 38, of the same address, was indicted on four fifth-degree counts of the same charge.

Rister was also charged with fifth-degree counts of possession of heroin and possession of criminal tools, as well as second-degree counts of possession and trafficking of Fentanyl patches, which, like heroin, is an opiate.

Related to the case, Tabitha L. Fulks, 36, of the same address, was indicted on two fifth-degree counts of permitting drug abuse and a misdemeanor count of endangering children.

According to the indictment, Tabitha Fulks is the owner of the home and a vehicle that was used for the drug trafficking.

Others indicted by the grand jury this week, according to the Office of Prosecuting Attorney Brigham Anderson are:

• Joshua Romans, 30, of 832, County Road 15, South Point, aggravated vehicular assault;

• Daniel Carlisle, 36, of 726 S. Ninth St., Ironton, felonious assault;

• Kendrick Jones, 33, of 8305 Burns Drive, Tyler, Texas, grand theft;

• Henry Runyon, 37, of 811 Township Road 161, South Point, grand theft from the Ohio Office of Unemployment;

• Clint Salmons, 21, 1639 County Road 104, Chesapeake, burglary;

• Noah Lambert, 34, of 7302 Jordan Drive, Ashland, Ky., escape;

• Anthony Fletcher, 24, of 358 Susan Court, Ironton, aggravated robbery.


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