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Shooting suspect name released

Published 9:27am Wednesday, October 30, 2013

COAL GROVE — An 18-year-old Coal Grove man has been identified as the individual shot at the scene of an alleged breaking and entering.

Brandon Blaike Danner, 18, of 201 Dutey Drive, was shot four times in the chest this morning with a 380-caliber handgun. Danner underwent surgery at Cabell Huntington Hospital following the shooting and was in critical condition as of 12:24 p.m.

Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office and Coal Grove Police were called to the 600 block of Washington Street in Coal Grove at 6 a.m. this morning following a report that a homeowner had confronted a man in his backyard who was allegedly breaking into a storage building.

“(The homeowner) hears something and the storage building is just a few feet from his house,” Lawrence County Sheriff Jeff Lawless said. “He hears some noise and goes outside and finds the storage building doors wide open. This guy is dragging a motorcycle out of the building.”

The homeowner was armed with the small caliber gun when he went to investigate the noise in his backyard, according to Lawless

“According to the homeowner, the suspect claimed to have a knife,” Lawless said.

Prior to this incident Coal Grove Police were already investigating the report of a prowler who had allegedly been at several houses in the village.

“(The suspect) was hit in the chest and one round struck his lung,” Lawless said.

Although both men were from Coal Grove, they did not know each other, the sheriff said.

Danner will be charged with breaking and entering, a fifth-degree felony. Other charges are pending.

The homeowner’s name is not being released at this time as the investigation is in its early stages and he fears retribution, according to the sheriff.


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  • Reagan come back

    Wow, Anyone out there have a .357 or a .40 caliber they will trade for my 380 plus cash???

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  • bigkahuna

    Like I always say NEVER take a knife to a gun fight

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  • billybobt

    What is going on in our society that we celebrate the shooting of someone. This is a tragic situation in which another person was shot, AND it is no doubt just as traumatic on the shooter, whose life was threatened. Our society MUST stop lauding and celebrating when another person is forced to defend himself. It’s no wonder the world looks at the United States as being like the wild west.

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  • Viking01

    I dont believe its callous at all. Since when should we feel sorry for these pieces of scum who want to steal what we have worked hard for? Why should we stand back and allow them to take whatever they want, and hope that the system makes them pay? I’m sorry, but an 18 year old is an adult.. not a kid. We have spoiled and pampered these younger generations to where they feel they deserve whatever they want. They feel entitled to act however they want without consquences. Parents treat them like children and never as adults!! Well the world is full of consequences and unfortunately, this young man found out.. However sad the situation is, bottom line is, he was on private property, trying to take something that wasnt his. In my opinion, whats even more saddening, is that if this man survives, he will try and sue this homeowner.

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  • bleedingheart

    Since when did we become so callous? An 18 yr. old kid is fighting for his life. Not condoning his actions, but praying for recovery. I pray he can redeem his life from this point forward. And I pray for the one who shot him, may he find peace in his decision. So sad when we take joy and pride in such a bad situation. Peace!!

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  • TribuneSubscriber


    I ‘GUARANTEE’… that anyone breaking into my home or stealing my property will BE SHOT ON SITE NO QUESTIONS..!!
    And with my marksmanship of EXPERT in pistols and SHARPSHOOTER with the M-16… My aim is still pretty straight..!!!

    I ‘GUARANTEE’ that there won’t be any ‘Taxpayer Money’ wasted on any jail time or trial..!!

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